Advanced Financial Modelling in Excel with Risk Management - Brussels

2-Day training session November 15th-16th

How can you maximise the effectiveness of your treasury workflows in Excel? This intensive 2-day course  will teach you how to develop stable, collaborative financial models for finance and treasury functions.

  • Gain the ability to implement structural and process changes, leading to tighter control of your treasury activities, minimised costs and improved visibility.
  • Leave the session with a comprehensive understanding of how to build and maintain a variety of robust models and dashboards with their own reports in Cash Flow Forecasts, Integrated Financial Statements, Foreign Exchange Risk, Asset-Liability Management & Gap Analysis, Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC), Collateralised Lending and CEO Managerial Overview.
  • You will learn how to design a robust workflow for your regular functions in Excel; from the use and manipulation of data, to the production of analytics and resulting key indicators (KPIs, KRIs, KAIs) and the final cockpit for managers to monitor treasury activity and extract reports.
  • With both a theoretical and practical teaching approach, our experienced tutors will provide you with a take-home set of templates and tools which you can then implement in your department.
  • Throughout the session you will also perform exercises and examine case studies, applying them to your own working environment.

Leading the session will be Patrick Verspecht (Global Treasurer GE Measurement & Controls, EMEA Treasurer Dresser Inc.) and Hugues Pirotte (Professor of Finance at Solvay Business School of Economics). Their unique, tested methodology will challenge your current Excel methods by introducing concepts that will speed up processes and collaboration in treasury whilst ensuring a higher standard of security.

Attendees of this session will be awarded with TMI’s Certificate in Advanced Financial Modelling.

Upon completion of this course you will have the ability to:

  • Create a reporting solution to complement your ERP system which maintains the technical treasury reporting of a TMS
  • Implement your own dashboard, enabling enhanced financial modelling functionality, saving both time and money by creating bespoke workflow processes
  • Make best use of Excel for your regular treasury processes that rely on spreadsheet developments, directly and indirectly
  • Reduce your operational risks with ready-to-build, robust, future-proofed spreadsheet templates to implement within your team
  • Define best practice for shared workflows, enhancing productivity and communication within your department and within your organisation
  • Return to the office with a new, effective methodology for financial modelling by making Excel do more for your treasury



  • Treasury and finance professionals that are challenged with tasks from cash flow forecasting to risk management and governance
  • Whole treasury teams that wish to develop collaborative reports and financial models that are risk free.
  • Those involved with planning, forecasting, financing or hedging
  • Newly appointed treasurers looking to take the right first steps
  • Experienced treasurers facing new challenges
  • Departments undergoing a change in strategy, technology or solution that need to get up to operational capability quickly


In advance of attending: A pre-course analysis will be made to define attendees’ level of competency, thus ensuring that each class has the opportunity to benchmark their current structures and enhance their learning experience. Reading material will be provided by TMI Academy.

You must have access to a laptop with Microsoft Excel* installed for use during the course.

*for an optimised training experience, we highly recommend to use the latest Excel version, i.e. Microsoft Excel 2016 (Windows). Mac is also possible, with some VBA restrictions.



Patrick Verspecht

Ex-global treasurer GE Measurement & Controls
Treasury Trainer

Patrick is an experienced treasury professional who has filled many varied finance roles before moving to corporate treasury, giving him a unique insight into the relationship between these areas. He is currently working on Financial Risk Management in the banking and corporate sectors.

Patrick is also teaching at the House of Training (Luxembourg Chamber of commerce) and is an active member of the Board of ATEB (Belgian Corporate Treasurers Association) and an active member of ATEL (Luxembourg Corporate Treasurers Association).



Hugues Pirotte

Financial Engineer, Partner at FinMetrics,
Professor at the Solvay Business School of Economics and Management (ULB)

Hughes is a Professor of Finance at the Solvay Business School of Economics and Management (ULB) in Brussels where he runs the Executive Master in Finance program.

He is also a partner at financial advisory and solutions provider FinMetrics, where he develops and teaches financial risk strategy and financial modelling for corporate treasuries, banks, funds and insurance companies.


Includes: Advanced Financial Modelling 2 days.

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Day One - Best Practices in Financial Modelling: Design & Structuring
Key principles to respect when creating a model
Key structures to maximise the lean (re)use of model
Building real robust A-to-Z dashboard applications in Excel
Advanced Practices in Financial Modelling: Lean Data Management, User Interactions
Review of VBA programming: functions, procedures and basic object-oriented programming
Programming interactions with the user: alternatives and illustrations
Working with big sources of data: alternative solutions
External solutions and data-querying tools
Internal data treatment and using data objects
Day Two - Financial Modelling: FX Risk Dashboarding
Aggregate market data, open FX positions and FX cash flow forecasts
Manipulate the data to produce cash flow timelines and FX KPIs/KRIs/KAIs
Integrate your hedging policy and identify gaps
Create a fully functional dashboard
Financial Modelling: Financing, ALM and Gap Analysis
Build your financing portfolio; compute various typical valuation and sensitivity metrics
Create the resulting ALM view of your financing assets and liabilities, with time-bucketing
Monitor both valuation and liquidity exposures
Create visuals that identify gaps based on your risk policy and simulate the use of different hedging instruments
Financial Modelling: Cash Flows & Financial Statements
Build a complete dashboarding application to monitor future cash flows and their risk level
Generate automatically financial statements from previous ones and the new cash flow expectations
Use your spreadsheet as a CRM application, to be potentially shared with other collaborators