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Pioneers of New Generation Treasury Will the next generation of treasury solutions come from the likes of Deutsche Bank's Autobahn App Market? By delivering powerful solutions, this approach is revolutionising banking technology like no other.

Pioneers of New Generation Treasury

by Arthur Brieske, Managing Director, Global Head of Commercialization and Americas Regional Head of Global Transaction Banking Product Management, Global Transaction Banking, and Martin Runow, Head of Cash Management Corporates, North America, Global Transaction Banking, Deutsche Bank

Electronic banking has a long heritage, from telex machines during the 1980s and dial-up systems of the ‘90s to the web-based systems, host-to-host connections and multi-bank connectivity of today. Deutsche Bank is now pioneering the next generation of treasury solutions through its Autobahn App Market. This article looks at how this approach is revolutionising banking technology and delivering the convenient, intuitive and powerful solutions demanded by leading corporations.

The global treasurer

Treasurers’ working practices have evolved significantly over recent years. While in the past, they may have been predominantly office-based, today’s treasurers and finance managers are just as likely to be found visiting other departments and subsidiaries across the globe, participating in industry events or on the road helping to drive the business. The time-critical nature of treasury has frequently meant that they have had to remain close to an office or hotel room to check on global cash, liquidity and risk positions, execute or approve transactions. With handheld smart and tablet devices now ubiquitous, treasurers are demanding the same level of functionality through these devices as they would expect in the office, but combined with the convenience of a true mobile office.

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A mobile revolution?

Mobile technology has gone so far in recent years by providing treasurers with limited functions such as transaction initiation and approval, and summary reporting. These mobile tools tend to provide a ‘cut down’ version of a full electronic banking system, but rarely take advantage of the graphical, navigation and usability features offered by leading tablet and handheld smart device manufacturers.

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