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The Benefits of a LEAN Approach When Implementing a Payments Factory We speak to Loacker Recycling's Head of Group Accounting about the value they created by implementing a payments factory.

The Benefits of a LEAN Approach When Implementing a Payments Factory

An Interview with Peter Salzmann, Head of Group Accounting, Loacker Recycling

What value did a LEAN approach have in the implementation of your payments factory?

We have reduced consulting costs and now we have the know-how in-house.

What benefits have you achieved as a result of implementing the payments factory?

We have reduced our telebanking software from four software systems to one, and have less maintenance and fewer updates. We are now prepared for future growth and for expansion into new countries. We have just one system, with fewer interfaces, and we have an overview of all incoming bank statements and outgoing payments on one screen for all accounts.

Our authorisation system is in-house instead of needing bank authorisation, and all payment data including authorisation documentation are stored in one SAP system.

What made you decide to present your experiences at this event? (i.e., the SAP Conference)

Our consultant convinced us to do so, and we now have the opportunity to take part in the conference (previously we have always had a lot of time pressure reasons not to go to the conference – now we have to).

Peter Salzmann will be speaking at the International SAP Conference for Treasury Management in July. Find out more here >>

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