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Breaking Boundaries: Smart and Sustainable Supply Chain Finance

In an increasingly accountable business environment, corporates are looking for new ways to support their suppliers to adhere to sustainable and ethical standards. Alongside creative supply chain finance (SCF) solutions, treasurers are analysing how emerging technologies can assist them in making their supply chains more sustainable – in every sense.

Ignoring sustainability is no longer an option. Although treasurers may not be the traditional figureheads in this space, they are increasingly expected to play a more active role in ensuring the organisation’s sustainability goals are met – especially across the supply chain. 

James Binns

James Binns
Global Head of Trade and Working Capital, Barclays

But let’s be clear upfront about what we mean by ‘sustainability’, and what’s driving it. In its broadest sense, sustainability is defined as an organisation’s ability to conduct business in a manner that is beneficial (or not harmful) for people, the planet, and profits. This is often referred to as the ‘triple bottom line’.