Treasury Strategy & Transformation
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Castrol Collaborates on Industry-First Insurance for Asian Bikers

A four-way partnership involving Standard Chartered aims to promote customer loyalty and social responsibility while defining a blueprint for scalable growth through co-creation.

The evolution of payment rails and growing demand for embedded finance is moving at a rapid rate, especially in Asia. For corporates seeking innovation and growth, this is yet another opportunity to explore new ideas and bring them to life – from business models to improved customer experience and loyalty.

Collaborating with multiple partners could be the key to success. A recent co-created solution that leverages payment rails is helping one corporate strengthen its customer base in the motorcycle industry.

Tapping into regional growth

Many people in Asia depend on motorbikes to go about their daily business, from commuting to shopping and almost every activity in between. In Indonesia and Malaysia for example, more than 80% of households own at least one. Asia accounts for more than 80% of global demand for motorbikes.