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Cross-Currency Payments: International Payments with an FX Flavour

An Interview with Wim Grosemans, Head of Product Management International Payments – Cash Management, and Adrian Brown, Head of Commercialisation – FX+, BNP Paribas

As globalisation continues to drive the need for international payments, corporates are focusing on the underlying FX as well as the payment itself. Increasingly, they require their banks to offer fully integrated payment and FX platforms. BNP Paribas’ new cross-currency solution is designed to meet this requirement.

Why an integrated cross-currency payment offering now?

AB: This is a client-driven change. We’ve responded to what our clients have told us. Corporates are becoming increasingly sophisticated and knowledgeable about the FX underlying cross-currency payments (CCP) and they now look at CCPs as both payments and FX transactions. They want the best of both worlds – a platform and a service that offers both a high quality payment and FX experience.

WG: In the Eurozone, SEPA is up-and-running, so corporates are ready to address new aspects of treasury optimisation. Cross-currency payments are non-SEPA, international payments that integrate an exchange of currency. And they are undeniably a focal point for corporates.