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Nurturing Talent to Promote Treasury Excellence

by Jan-Martin Nufer, Director Treasury & Funding, Borealis Group, Austria

Following Borealis’ success in winning the 2014 TMI Corporate Recognition Award for Innovation and Excellence in Treasury Transformation, we are delighted to continue the series of articles that outline some of the success factors in Borealis’ journey towards treasury excellence, featuring Jan-Martin Nufer, Director of Treasury & Funding.

One of the issues that comes up regularly in discussions with other treasurers is the difficulty in finding, attracting and retaining treasury talent. In some cases, potential candidates lack the right educational background, a problem that is exacerbated by the fact that there is no global standard in treasury qualifications. Another issue is more of a social phenomenon in that entrants to treasury are sometimes unrealistic in their career expectations. While people have clear ambitions, they are not necessarily willing to go through the necessary steps to achieving them. This article outlines some of the ways in which we, at Borealis, have tried to ensure that we attract, retain and motivate the treasury talent that will enable us to deliver excellence to the organisation.

Key points - measures taken by Borealis to attract, nurture, retain and motivate treasury talent.