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Reval’s Clear Focus on Serving up the Cloud

Reval's Clear Focus on Serving up the Cloud

An interview with Justin Brimfield, Chief Marketing Officer and EVP Corporate Strategy, Reval

In late April of 2015, Reval launched its Reval Cloud Platform and introduced new packages and services. TMI caught up with Reval’s Chief Marketing Officer and EVP of Corporate Strategy Justin Brimfield to find out more about the provider’s offerings and its developments in the treasury market.

You’ve said that Reval has moved from a product strategy to a platform strategy. What does that mean, and why is that important to the market?

When Reval integrated cash and liquidity functionality into our popular risk management capabilities in 2011, we created the first all-in-one, single-version treasury and risk management application, delivered through the software-as-a-service model. Clients were asking for an all-in-one, and they would have purchased this kind of offering when they bought their treasury management systems years ago, but none was available until Reval developed one. Also in play now is the growing popularity of the cloud. More companies are recognising the value of cloud-based offerings, like software-as-a-service (SaaS), and research is showing that – while adoption is at different stages in different countries – cloud-enabled offerings are on the rise in many industries.

As a cloud-based, multi-tenant SaaS from the beginning, Reval has built up a rich foundation of best practices from the most innovative companies in the world. With this foundation, offering treasury’s most needed capabilities along with straight-through processing to best-of-breed trading and investment portals, banks and market data providers, Reval offers more than a product to the market. We offer a user experience. The Reval Cloud Platform brings the user experience front and centre because it is highly configurable and scalable, allowing us to deliver different packages for different markets and usages. We have the platform: now the focus is on delivering its functionality in ways users want to engage with it.