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TMI Awards 2010: Deloitte

Stephen Weston and Ben Moseley, Deloitte tax partners, are delighted to receive the Best Tax Adviser award from TMI magazine, on behalf of the tax treasury team. 

Stephen Weston commented: “We’re really pleased to receive this award, particularly as it is voted for by the people we work with day-to-day. We feel that our unique blend of treasury, accounting and tax knowledge, together with our practical experience and insight, enables us to mitigate risks, enhance efficiencies, and address an entire spectrum of tax and treasury issues for our clients.

“The tax treatment of treasury transactions is vital to their overall efficiency, and the continual changes in the relevant accounting and tax rules mean that heads of tax and treasury face a constant challenge to stay up to date with ‘best practice’ – this is where we believe we can add value.”

Ben Moseley added: “Financial and treasury risk management continues to grow in importance, and cover a wider set of exposures, and we understand the need to constantly evolve to enable us to provide valuable advice. For example, an ability to converse in the language of treasury instruments and tools is critical if you want to be a credible adviser.