March 2018 9 Min Read

My Life in Treasury: Michelle Dovey, MJD Treasury Solutions

My Life in Treasury Ever thought about taking a year out from treasury but are unsure how you will get back into the profession? Or perhaps you’ve considered opening your own treasury consultancy but don’t know where to start? Read on to discover how Michelle...


January 2018 7 Min Read

My Life in Treasury: Helen Sanders, TMI

My Life in Treasury This edition marks my final one as Editor of TMI after nearly 12 remarkable years, so I thought I’d use the opportunity to share a few thoughts based on my own life in treasury and beyond.  How did you come into treasury and what...


November 2017 7 Min Read

My Life in Treasury: Paul Wilkinson, IWG Plc

Paul has had a long and diverse career in treasury in both the UK and Switzerland, having qualified as a member of the Chartered Institute of Bankers (UK) and subsequently completed postgraduate studies at INSEAD in France. He is a Fellow of the Association of...


October 2017 5 Min Read

My Life in Treasury: Stewart Harris, Givaudan

My Life in Treasury    Stewart Harris, Group Treasurer, Givaudan   As group treasurer of the leading global fragrance and flavour corporation Givaudan, Stewart Harris has entirely restructured the company’s treasury function over recent years. This...


September 2017 5 Min Read

My Life in Treasury: Mark Kirkland, Constellium

My Life in Treasury   Mark Kirkland, Group Treasurer, Constellium   Mark Kirkland is well-known as a highly respected (and often outspoken!) corporate treasury leader and regularly contributes to industry conferences, panels and fora. His career spans a...


August 2017 5 Min Read

My Life in Treasury: Pascaline Caron, CNIM

My Life in Treasury   Pascaline Caron, Group Treasurer, CNIM Pascaline will be familiar to many readers of TMI as one of the acclaimed ‘Future Leaders’ at the EACT Summit earlier this year: younger treasurers who are already making a significant impact...


June 2017 5 Min Read

My Life in Finance: Jeroen van Loenen

My Life in Finance Jeroen van Loenen, Senior Credit Controller, Konica Minolta Business Solutions Nederland B.V.  Readers will be familiar with Jeroen van Loenen, whose article in edition 250 on transforming credit and collections at Konica Minolta was one of our...


May 2017 7 Min Read

My Life in Treasury: Jean-Marc Servat, EACT

My Life in Treasury   Jean-Marc Servat, Chair, EACT   Readers of TMI will be familiar with Jean-Marc Servat, who has been Chair of the European Association of Corporate Treasurers (EACT) since 2015. After more than 20 years in large multinational companies,...


March 2017 5 Min Read

My Life in Treasury: Alex Ashby, Tesco PLC

My Life in Treasury Alex Ashby, Head of Risk, Tesco PLC   Alex Ashby, Tesco’s risk manager, has developed a wealth of experience and expertise in treasury and risk management in only eight years since starting out in treasury....


January 2017 4 Min Read

My Life in Treasury: Kathy Hiebert, General Mills

My Life in Treasury Kathy Hiebert, Senior Finance Manager, International Treasury, General Mills Kathy is familiar to many readers of TMI following the excellent feature she wrote earlier this year on building a global treasury enterprise. In this edition, she...


November 2016 4 Min Read

My Life in Treasury: James Adams FCT, Chalhoub Group

My Life in Treasury James Adams FCT, Group Treasurer, Chalhoub Group We welcomed James Adams to TMI most recently in editions 244 and 245 having participated in the very well-received roundtable discussions in Dubai that TMI conducted in association with D+H. In this...


October 2016 5 Min Read

My Life in Treasury: José Carlos Cuevas de Miguel, GE Capital

My Life in Treasury José Carlos Cuevas de Miguel, Senior Treasury Staff Manager, GE Capital In addition to his successful career in corporate treasury, José Carlos Cuevas is also well known in his role as Vice President of the Spanish Finance Association...

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