March 2012 5 Min Read

Implementing an Earnings at Risk Transformation

Implementing an Earnings at Risk Transformation by Pat Ryder, Director, Financial Risk Management, Eastman Chemical Company Founded in 1920, Eastman Chemical Company is a global chemical company that manufactures and markets a broad portfolio of chemicals, fibres and...


March 2012 8 Min Read

Getting the House in Order

Getting the House in Order Revisiting Treasury Risk Management Policies by Karlien Porré, Director and James Adams, Senior Manager, Treasury Advisory, Deloitte LLP With companies facing volatile currency markets and increased risk aversion, many corporate treasurers...


January 2012 4 Min Read

The Risks of Having Too Much Cash

The Risks of Having Too Much Cash by Jason Torgler, Vice President, Strategy, Reval Companies all around the world are awash with cash. According to the US Federal Reserve, American corporations held a record $2.05tr in cash as of mid-2011 [1]. At the end of last year...


November 2011 3 Min Read

Mitigating Risk at Transport for London

Mitigating Risk at Transport for London by Michael Blake, Group Treasury – Corporate Finance, Transport for London The treasury department at Transport for London (TfL) consists of a team of ten people working under the Group Treasurer. It is a fully centralised...


October 2011 4 Min Read

The Credit Spectrum

The Credit Spectrum by Dave Williams, Managing Director, S&P Capital IQ Looking at credit risk through a variety of measures provides a more holistic view of credit worthiness than is common in traditional cash management and corporate treasurer practice. Taken...


June 2011 9 Min Read

A Statistical Approach to Receivables Risk

A Statistical Approach to Receivables Risk by Helen Sanders, Editor The evolution in the role of treasury is a perennial feature in industry conference programmes and seminars. For a number of years now, we have seen a gradual expansion of treasurers’ responsibility...


June 2011 7 Min Read

Making the Decision to Hedge

FX hedging is a fundamental element of every treasurer’s role, with the potential for large swings in financial results if hedging is absent or insufficient. Defining the right hedging policy for the business is essential, taking into account stakeholders’ risk...


May 2011 2 Min Read

The SLG Portfolio-Risk-Index – or Why Correlation is Useful in Visualising Risk Management

The SLG Portfolio-Risk-Index – Or Why Correlation is Useful in Visualising Risk Management by Georg Ehrhart, Partner, Market Risk Management & Research, Schwabe, Ley & Greiner We all know that correlation is a statistical method to express the...


May 2011 18 Min Read

Der Rohstoffsicherungsprozess als Treasury-Herausforderung: Möglichkeiten der systembasierten Unterstützung

Autoren: Christopher Lapp und Tobias Pfuderer Das Management von Rohstoffrisiken hat innerhalb der Aufgaben des Corporate Treasury in den letzten Jahren erheblich an Bedeutung gewonnen bzw. ist bei vielen Unternehmen als neue Treasury-Herausforderung – zusätzlich zu...


May 2011 6 Min Read

Managing Risk, Leveraging Opportunities

Managing Risk, Leveraging Opportunities An interview with Kathleen Hughes, Head of Global Liquidity Management Sales, and Jason Granet, Head of International Cash Portfolio Management for Global Liquidity Management, EMEA, Goldman Sachs Asset Management We have seen the...


April 2011 9 Min Read

What’s at Risk? The Use of Sensitivity Analysis to Measure Your Portfolio’s Risk

‘Risk’ – a four letter word that has gained increased prominence since the financial crisis hit. More appropriately the lack of risk management is being blamed for helping to deepen the financial crisis. Companies are now focusing on the various types of risk...


January 2011 2 Min Read

TMI Awards 2010: UniCredit & RZB

UniCredit We at UniCredit are very proud of this award which underlines our strength in supply chain finance. Thanks to our largest international banking network in Central and Eastern Europe and our profound knowledge of CEE’s market and client base, our updated IT...