January 2012 4 Min Read

A Pan-European Banking Relationship

A Pan-European Banking Relationship by Hans van der Meulen, Vice President, Planning, Treasury & Tax, and Raluca Dusa, Assistant Treasurer, syncreon The company is listed in Ireland but with its holding company and headquarters in the United States. Treasury is centred...


January 2012 5 Min Read

Industry, Energy and Passion in Global Transaction Services

Industry, Energy and Passion in Global Transaction Services In this edition, we are delighted to feature Neal Livingston, who recently moved back to Europe to join RBS after an extended period in Asia, during which time he successfully championed corporate connectivity and...


November 2011 4 Min Read

Interview – François Huchet

Interview – François Huchet Director of Finance and Management Control, Razel “Acting on the levers more than the causes” Le Lettre du Trésorier What does Razel do and how big is the company? François Huchet Razel is a construction...


November 2011 5 Min Read

Interview – Didier Lo Nobile

Interview – Didier Lo Nobile EMEA Treasurer and Head of Cash Management, Gemalto Group “It is necessary to negotiate SWIFTNet contracts in detail with each bank” Le Lettre du Trésorier Could you tell us about Gemalto? Didier Lo Nobile The poduct of...


November 2011 6 Min Read

Interview – Virginie Mercier

Interview – Virginie Mercier Treasurer, Editis Group “Very high demands when it comes to forecasts” La Lettre du Trésorier How is the Editis group structured? Virginie Mercier With around twenty publishers and forty brands, covering literature,...


November 2011 5 Min Read

Interview – John Colleemallay

Interview – John Colleemallay Director of Treasury and Finance, Dassault Systems “We went from a holding company treasury to a group treasury” La Lettre du Trésorier Isn’t your company, Dassault Systems, about to celebrate an anniversary? John...


November 2011 9 Min Read

Soaring to New Treasury Heights

Soaring to New Treasury Heights by Marco Tierno, Head of Group Treasury & Short Term Financial Planning, Alitalia Compagnia Aerea Italiana Since the new Alitalia business was launched in 2009, the management team, combining both existing and new senior executives, has...


October 2011 6 Min Read

Is It Time for ‘Proceasury’?

Is it Time for ‘Proceasury’? by Seamus Desouza, Executive Director and Senior Product Manager for Foreign Exchange, J.P. Morgan Treasury Services, EMEA The effectiveness of corporate treasury can be greatly influenced by tactical procurement decisions. It...


September 2011 11 Min Read

Financial Innovation and Life as We Know It

Financial Innovation and Life as We Know It by Diane Reynolds, Senior Director, Algorithmics Financial innovation has had an enormously positive impact on every aspect of our everyday lives. Over the last 300 years alone, we’ve dramatically improved our standard of...


September 2011 8 Min Read

Meet Today’s Treasurer

Meet Today’s Treasurer by Erik Seifert, Head GTS Corporate, Sweden, SEB Treasury remains a relatively new profession, with distinct departments dedicated to managing liquidity and risk first emerging in the 1970s in response to increasing interest rate and FX...


September 2011 4 Min Read

Anticipating the Treasury of the Future

Anticipating the Treasury of the Future by Håkan Lundgren, Vice President, Corporate Treasurer, Sony Ericsson When we first set up the treasury function at Sony Ericsson in 2001, it became clear that we were seeking a treasury model that differed from those of other...


September 2011 6 Min Read

First Steps in Collaboration

First Steps in Collaboration by Hakan Aldrin, Head of Client Relationship Management and Jonny Sander, Offering Manager Corporate Segment, GTS, SEB It may seem inconceivable in a world of smartphones, tablets and laptops that communication can still remain quite so...