December 2009 8 Min Read

Treasury Centralization – an essential guide for corporate treasurers

by Andrew Woods, Group Vice President, SunGard There are a variety of reasons why companies decide to centralize their treasury operations, which would typically include cash management, financing, investment and foreign exchange, including both routine activities and...


December 2009 2 Min Read

Meeting the Challenges

Meeting the Challenges by Charles Buchanan, Chairman, ACTSA Despite the challenges facing the financial sector, ACTSA, with its dynamic membership has been active in sustaining a high degree of participation in its activities. We at ACTSA continue to strive for the...


October 2009 7 Min Read

The New Liquidity Paradigm: Focus on Working Capital

The New Liquidity Paradigm: Focus on working capital by Mark Beard, EMEA Liquidity and Investments Head, Treasury and Trade Solutions, Global Transaction Services, Citi Since the onset of the economic crisis that engulfed most of the world beginning in mid-2007,...


October 2009 13 Min Read

Working Capital and Liquidity Management: Safety First

Working Capital and Liquidity Management: Safety first by Transaction Banking, Standard Chartered Bank Losses in the US sub-prime market have had a global impact on corporate liquidity, which has driven corporate treasuries to take measures ranging from squeezing...


October 2009 10 Min Read

Today’s Vital Need for Transparent Valuations

Today’s Vital Need for Transparent Valuations by Bob Park, President and CEO, FINCAD A worldwide re-examination of reporting fair values is under way by policymakers, standard-setters and those who must comply. The rise in prominence of risks, such as the...


August 2009 7 Min Read

The Rising Sun of International Treasury in Japan

Japan is typically considered an elusive place to do business, with a highly regulated, perhaps introspective market, and impenetrable traditions and business conventions. However, with Japanese multinationals dominating the electronics sector and increasingly the auto...


August 2009 6 Min Read

Managing Risk in the New Financial Climate

Managing Risk in the New Financial Climate BNP Paribas Cash Management University Preview In last month’s edition of TMI, we introduced the 3rd BNP Paribas’ Cash Management University, which takes place on October 8 – 9 2009 in Paris, France. This...


June 2009 10 Min Read

Energy – Global Greenhouse Gas Emission Strategies and Trends for US Industrials

Although overshadowed by the financial tumult of recent months, there is little doubt that with the new White House administration will come significant changes in both the US stance on climate change internationally and in Federal legislation. Energy and climate...


May 2009 10 Min Read

Building a Standardised and Simplified Treasury

Building a standardised and simplified treasury by Darsh Johal, Head of Global Cash Management, Shell Treasury Centreand Peter Langshaw, EMEA Head for Power, Energy, Chemicals & Mining, Client Sales Management, Treasury & Trade Solutions, Global Transactions...


April 2009 4 Min Read

The Export Champion Suffers in Worldwide Recession

The Export Champion Suffers in Worldwide Recession by Dr Ralph Solveen, Deputy Head of Economic Research, Commerzbank AG The global economic crisis has hit Germany, the world’s export champion badly, and both exports and investment have plunged. The employment...


April 2009 10 Min Read

The Functions of a Corporate Treasury

At the end of 2008, Verband Deutscher Treasurer e.V. commissioned a survey to examine the functions of a corporate treasury. In addition, 142 corporate treasury job advertisements were examined and evaluated and compared to a similar evaluation performed in 2002. The...


March 2009 5 Min Read

Expanding in MENA: The Deutsche Experience

by Isaac Thomas, Director, Trade Finance/Cash Management Corporates,MENA Region, Global Transaction Banking Despite the global recession, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) continues to be a region of attractive business opportunities. Deutsche Bank is one of the few...