May 2009 10 Min Read

Building a Standardised and Simplified Treasury

Building a standardised and simplified treasury by Darsh Johal, Head of Global Cash Management, Shell Treasury Centreand Peter Langshaw, EMEA Head for Power, Energy, Chemicals & Mining, Client Sales Management, Treasury & Trade Solutions, Global Transactions...


April 2009 4 Min Read

The Export Champion Suffers in Worldwide Recession

The Export Champion Suffers in Worldwide Recession by Dr Ralph Solveen, Deputy Head of Economic Research, Commerzbank AG The global economic crisis has hit Germany, the world’s export champion badly, and both exports and investment have plunged. The employment...


April 2009 10 Min Read

The Functions of a Corporate Treasury

At the end of 2008, Verband Deutscher Treasurer e.V. commissioned a survey to examine the functions of a corporate treasury. In addition, 142 corporate treasury job advertisements were examined and evaluated and compared to a similar evaluation performed in 2002. The...


March 2009 5 Min Read

Expanding in MENA: The Deutsche Experience

by Isaac Thomas, Director, Trade Finance/Cash Management Corporates,MENA Region, Global Transaction Banking Despite the global recession, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) continues to be a region of attractive business opportunities. Deutsche Bank is one of the few...


March 2009 7 Min Read

Finding Stability in an Unstable World

Finding Stability in an Unstable World An Interview with Pierre Fersztand, Global Head of Cash Management, BNP Paribas While 2007 and 2008 saw a tidal wave rush through the financial markets, 2009 is proving to be the year in which every industry is affected by turbulence...


February 2009 8 Min Read

The Competitive Edge

The Competitive Edge – Using Non-Traditional Business Skills to Achieve Career Success by Dr. Linda J. Taylor With companies of all types now feeling the effects of the economic downturn, following a period of rapid global and technological development, the pressures...


September 2008 3 Min Read

Responding to Economic Uncertainty

Responding to Economic Uncertainty by Kevin Boyd, Group Finance Director, Oxford Instruments plc In today’s uncertain climate, the balance has shifted more in favour of reducing working capital. Oxford Instruments has enjoyed a reputation for product innovation for...


September 2008 8 Min Read

Liquidity Management

Liquidity Management – Plotting Progress in a Turbulent Market by Chrystal Pozin, Principal, Treasury Strategies The global credit crunch has forced companies to rebalance their liquidity portfolios and reevaluate cash management processes and providers. Corporate...


June 2008 6 Min Read

Satisfied or Your Money Back — are you satisfied with your treasurer?

Satisfied or Your Money Back — are you satisfied with your treasurer? by François Masquelier, RTL Group Head of Treasury, Corporate Finance & ERM, and Honorary Chairman, EACT Often the treasurer is viewed as a technician providing a service to the financial...


June 2008 7 Min Read

Pitfalls of Hedge Effectiveness Testing

Pitfalls of Hedge Effectiveness Testing by Jasper Wijnands, Advisor, Ernst & Young Financial Services Risk Management Hedging can reduce the impact of negative events on assets, liabilities, firm commitments or forecasted transactions. Financial instruments in the...


May 2008 6 Min Read

Treasury & Systems Centralization at USG

Treasury & Systems Centralization at USG by Elizabeth Fruin, Treasury Manager, USG USG’s treasury has seen significant changes since I first joined the business 19 years ago. Until recently, our operations were primarily domestic but the international aspects of...


April 2008 4 Min Read

Corporate Banking in Germany – but which bank to bank on?

Corporate Banking in Germany – but which bank to bank on? by Georg Ehrhart, Partner, SLG Every two years Schwabe, Ley & Greiner (SLG), the leading treasury consulting company, conducts the most comprehensive survey in Germany on banking relationships and corporate...

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6 December 2023
JPMorgan Chase Names New Head of Payments Solutions for Commercial Banking Division

JPMorgan Chase announced today Hubert J.P. Jolly will become the new head of payments solutions for its commercial banking business.

30 November 2023
Swift Connects Instant Payment Systems to Bring Round-the-Clock Processing Across Borders

Go-live of EPC scheme enables 24/7 instant payments across currency zones

29 November 2023
Surecomp Further Expands Electronic Trade Document Connection with CargoX Partnership

The collaboration further expands Surecomp’s fintech ecosystem

23 November 2023
Pecunia Treasury & Finance and Treasury Delta Form Strategic Alliance

Together, they will use digital technology to streamline and simplify corporate treasury transactions with banks and technology vendors.

22 November 2023
Taulia and Mastercard Partner to Launch Virtual Card B2B Payments Solution

Taulia has partnered with Mastercard to launch a new solution which provides businesses with additional working capital management advantages.