Turning Treasury Risks into Opportunities
Risk Management   4 Min Read

Emerging factors that at first sight look like fresh sources of risk may provide treasurers with scope to strengthen their relationships with suppliers. FX… counterparties… interest rates… fraud. All are longstanding, traditional risk areas for corporate...

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Treasury in CEE – Exploring the Digital Frontier
Country Focus   6 Min Read

The European Association of Corporate Treasurers (EACT) recently teamed up with TMI for the 2018 CEE Conference in Budapest – covering a whole spectrum of treasury topics for the region, from FX to geopolitical risk. One of the key plenary sessions explored...

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Repairing Treasury’s Leaky Bucket
Cash & Liquidity Management   4 Min Read

The steady erosion of value caused by corporates stockpiling cash as interest rates remain at record lows is becoming more evident as inflation edges higher. But solutions such as dynamic discounting could staunch the flow of cash from EMEA companies. US interest rates...

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