Treasury Strategy & Transformation
From Reaction to Action – Responsiveness and Resilience in a Pandemic (Corporates)

Digitisation has been fundamental in providing the vi...

Treasury Strategy & Transformation
From Reaction to Action – Responsiveness and Resilience in a Pandemic (Banks)

This crisis has clearly heightened the need to digitise i...

Cash & Liquidity Management
Commercial Cards: Visibility & Control for your Digital Treasury

HSBC is applying a vast range of resources to ensure that their commercial card programs stay ahead of the game in 2020. Innovative systems such as the MiVision platform allows corporate customers to run their card programs in real time, providing visibility on consumer spending trends and currency frequency.

Cash & Liquidity Management
Next Generation Virtual Accounts

HSBC’s Next Generation Virtual Accounts solution provides a consolidated alternative to the cash visibility woes associated with physical accounts.

Treasury Strategy & Transformation
A Guide to Smart Cities

The new technological ecosystems being created through the establishment of smart cities could have a substantial impact on the role of banks.

Cash & Liquidity Management
Explore the Transformative Power of HSBCnet

Faster transactions, total visibility of global finances and seamless integration with systems are some of the ways in which HSBCnet is making banking extraordinary.

Cash & Liquidity Management
HSBC Receivables - A Changing World

Within a highly competitive market, HSBC has invested in finding faster and easier solutions to streamline collection methods.

Cash & Liquidity Management
HSBC Liquidity Management - LMP Dashboard User Journey

HSBC has designed a Liquidity Management Dashboard, which provides treasurers with an intuitive, graphical view of Liquidity KPI’s.

Country Focus
Great Expectations: From Industry 4.0 to Treasury 4.0 - Shanghai, April 2019

The HSBC Global Liquidity and Cash Management Regional Forum held in Shanghai in April 2019 explored how Industry 4.0 is transforming treasury management solutions and strategies, heralding the start of Treasury 4.0. 

Open Banking for Your Business: A Treasurer's Guide

One of today’s most important new developments is the shift towards open banking. What does open banking mean, and what could it mean for your treasury?

Cash & Liquidity Management
The Future of Liquidity and Cash Management

At HSBC we’re listening to our clients. And we’re making sure your needs shape our vision of the future. From triggering payments while a shipping container is en-route to new micro-payments in a consumer’s smart car. As steps in the process are removed, payments disappear into the background.