A New Model for Assessing Risks and Opportunities in the Money Markets
Cash & Liquidity Management   6 Min Read

In the wake of Covid-19, corporates are reassessing their liquidity management strategies. To assist treasury managers in this endeavour, ICD and The Carfang Group have created a new quantitative model for assessing the risk/return relationships among money market...

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The Ultimate Short-Term Investment Stress Test: Lessons From Covid-19
Cash & Liquidity Management   22 Min Read

Treasurers were finding it hard enough to know where to invest their short-term cash before the pandemic hit. Now, the pressure is even greater. TMI speaks to five industry experts to discover how treasury professionals are responding to the financial impacts of...

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Money Markets and the Human-Technology Connection
Cash & Liquidity Management   3 Min Read

As investors seek shelter under the wing of money market funds during the current crisis, Tory Hazard, CEO of Institutional Cash Distributors, discusses the relationship between people and the systems that enable them to overcome the toughest obstacles. Liquidity...

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Through the Portal: Opening the Door to Process Efficiencies at Drax
Treasury Technology   6 Min Read

Drax’s Treasury and Corporate Finance team needed a new money market fund (MMF) portal solution to improve their control environment, streamline their workflow and automate their manual processes. Here, Lisa Dukes, Deputy Group Treasurer, Drax, outlines the benefits...

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Changing the Rules: Redefining MMF Workflows at Drax
Treasury Technology   3 Min Read

Turn the clock back to 2018 and manually transferring money market fund trade data between systems was taking up too much of Drax’s treasury team’s valuable time. Fast forward to today and straight-through processing of data has been achieved thanks to an exemplary...

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Raising the Bar: Corporate Recognition Awards
Cash & Liquidity Management   23 Min Read

By Eleanor Hill, Editor Year-on-year, the standard of entries to TMI’s Corporate Recognition Awards increases, taking the corporate treasury profession to new heights. The following overview of projects undertaken by corporates over the last 12 months provides a mere...

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