TUHF Leverages Kyriba for Mission-Critical Debt Management
Treasury Technology   3 Min Read

Headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa, TUHF Limited is an inner-city commercial property financing company that lends to local business owners with the vision and tenacity to develop affordable rental accommodations. However, due to its successful growth...

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2017 Corporate Recognition Awards: Harnessing Innovation to Enhance Treasury Performance
Cash & Liquidity Management   14 Min Read

The end of 2017 marks a bittersweet time for me. These are my final Awards as Editor of TMI, but looking back over the past 12 years since I started with TMI, the Corporate Recognition awards have grown from a handful of awards in 2006 as a supplement to the bank and...

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Leveraging Technology to Become a ‘Smart Treasury’
Treasury Strategy & Transformation   6 Min Read

In 2014, A. Schulman made the decision to embark on a global treasury transformation to support the group’s evolving business needs in a changing market and regulatory environment, and also to position the company for growth. A. Schulman’s treasury worked with PwC...

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