The Russian Association of Corporate Treasurers (RACT) is the first professional platform of its kind, designed to bring together corporate treasurers in Russia. It is used as a means for networking, and helps to outline the correct working standards in the area of Treasury Management in order to ecourage career development. The RACT community is made up of 207 members.

  • 180 individual members
  • 27 corporate members from 10 companies
  • Members of the corporation represent 148 companies

Membership Criteria

The criteria to join the RACT depends on if you are involved in the following activities:

  • Treasury function
  • Cash and Liquidity management
  • Risk management
  • Corporate finance

Education & Training

The RACT provides an educational course called ‘Corporate Treasurer’ which is the first complex educational and training program on the Russian market, this course helps participants to understand the peculiarities and features of the Treasury Function in the Russian Federation, letting all concerned obtain necessary knowledge and practical skills in every field of Treasury.

The course enhances the professional competencies of treasurers, giving access to best practices in a regional and national context

This particular course is divided into separate modules, with each module containing theoretical aspects as well as practical cases in different areas of Treasury.

Additional Objectives

  • Annual ceremony awarding Treasurer of the Year
  • Providing corporates with access to the system of the Financial Messages Transmission of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.
  • Providing comments on the Russian standards related to syndicated financing
  • Standardization of the KYC-processes
  • Open Money Market of the Borrowings. Standardization of the agreements used on the money markets such as deposits and revolving credit facilities.
  • Open Money Market of the Borrowings. Elaboration of the recommendations to the development of the corporate credit risk management.

Associated Publications

  • Magazine entitled ‘Treasury Inside’