ATEL was founded in 1994 by a small group of people active in both Corporate Treasury as well as Banks.

ATEL has two main objectives, which are:
a) to promote the treasury profession
b) to be a forum to facilitate exchange of information between members, and with other participants of the financial sector, in Luxembourg and in Europe.

ATEL currently has 210 members, of which two thirds are corporate financial professionals and one third being banking professionals.

Corporate treasurers are given a status of Active Members where other professionals are given a status of Corresponding Members, the only difference being that the Corresponding Members have no voting rights, and therefore all the decisions regarding ATEL remain entirely in the hands of the corporate treasury professionals.

ATEL is founder member of EACT (European Association Corporate Treasurers) and belongs to IGTA (International Group of Treasury Associations).

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François Masquelier, President

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