VDT integrates CFOs, Treasurers and all professionals in the area of finance belonging to both companies and public entities. Currently it has about 1100 individual- and 600 legal-members.

Membership Criteria 

. Individuals who perform their duties in the Finance or Treasury departments of companies and public bodies.

. People that are interested in becoming involved in treasury management, particularly financial software providers, consultants, lawyers and banks. 

Education & Training 

. Small workshop sessions (5-15 participants)  in which a speaker presents an issue relating to financial management, sparking discussion among attendees. 

. Larger conferences (approximately 150 participants) covering topics of relevance within a panel or through individual presentations given by industry specialists.

. Small specialized day long sessions (15-20 participants) during which presenters addresses themes relating to the everyday running of the financial and treasury businesses. 

Additional Activities 

The provision of a documentation service, created to supply consumers with relevant publications and documents.


Contact Us

Cornelia Hesse, Board Member
Telephone: +49 (0) 173 349 1494
Email: cornelia.hesse@basf.com

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