Issue 139 - April 2005

Inside Issue Issue 139 - April 2005


  • Turning your Financial Supply Chain into a Corporate Asset
    by Claire Buchanan, Senior Vice President of Global Field Operations, Bolero
  • What Price EU Membership?
    by Jackie Hollister, Commissioning Editor, TMI
  • The 2004 Protocol to the US/Dutch Tax Treaty
    by Jan Kooi, International Tax Counsel
  • Money Market Funds Put their House in Order
    by Keiron Root, Editorial Consultant, TMI
  • Exploring Cash Management in Portugal
    by Luciano Salgueiro, Cash Management Officer, BNP Paribas Portugal
  • ARDAL – the Slovak Republic’s Model Debt Agency
    by Daniel Bytcánek, Director, ARDAL
  • European Associations of Corporate Treasurers (EACT) Association News
  • Executive Briefing
  • Managing Liquidity Around the Globe
    by Heiko Ries, Head of Group Cash Management, Thomas Cook AG
  • Unilever: Asia’s Largest Cash Management Project
    by Toshio Maei, Regional Treasurer, Unilever, Raymond Hsiung, Vice President, Regional Sales Manager, HSBC and Russell Graham, Senior Vice President, Regional Head of Client Services, HSBC


  • Decide on the Right Treasury Management System (TMS)
    by Perry Charles, Group Financial Controller, Alba plc
  • South East Europe in the Spotlight


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