China and Globalisation

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  • China, Asia and Globalisation
    Peter Wong, Founding Chairman and President of the International Association of CFOs and Corporate Treasurers (China) and Convenor of the Hong Kong Association of Corporate Treasurers
  • The Treasurerís Role in Cross-Border Transactions
    Eymon Tsang, Treasurer, The Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels, Ltd.
  • 2007: A Special Year for Banking in China
    Jin Kok Teoh, Head of Global Payments and Cash Management, HSBC, China
  • The Treasury Landscape in AsiaĖ Whatís Next?
    Alex Koh, Director of Finance Asia, McKinsey & Company
  • Easing the Growing Pains
    Benjamin Lam, Senior Vice President, Business Development, Trade Services, HSBC
  • Collective Growth of the Asian Bond Markets
    John T.W. Chu, Chairman, AIG Investments Asia
  • Fast-charging China Sets Course Correction for Economy
    Alan Wheatley, China Economics Editor, Reuters