What Matters Today by J.P. Morgan

Inside Issue What Matters Today by J.P. Morgan

Thought Leadership

  • The Changing Concerns of Today's Treasury
    Robin Page, CEO, Treasury Management International
  • What Matters Today #1: Risk Management
    Jeremy Shaw, Managing Director, Regional Trade Executive, and EMEA Emerging Markets Corporate Sales Executive, Treasury Services EMEA, J.P. Morgan
  • What Matters Today #2: Efficiency
    Linda McLaughlin-Moore, Regional Head of Product Management and Delivery - Asia Pacific, and Alice Gregoriadi, Region Product Executive, EMEA, J.P. Morgan Treasury Services
  • What Matters Today #3: Relationships
    Nicholas Blake, Corporate Sales Executive, EMEA, and Melanie Wells, Client Services Executive, EMEA, Treasury Services, J.P. Morgan
  • What Matters Today #4: Creating a Sustainable Liquidity Strategy
    Tristan Attenborough, Managing Director, Liquidity & Investment Products Executive, EMEA, and Margaret Yao, Managing Director, Asia Pacific Head of Liquidity Management & Investment Products, J.P. Morgan Treasury & Securities Services
  • What Matters Today #5: Visibility and Control - Global Card Programmes
    Alan Koenigsberg, Managing Director, International Commercial Card Product Executive, J.P. Morgan Treasury Services and Cate Luzio, Head of EMEA/Canada Commercial Card & Global Alliance Banking, J.P. Morgan Treasury Services EMEA
  • What Matters Today #6: Centralisation & Rationalisation
    Andy Ponsford, Head of Cash Product Management, EMEA, J.P. Morgan Treasury Services, and Seamus Desouza, Senior Product Manager for Foreign Exchange, EMEA, J.P. Morgan Treasury Services