Going Global, Going Digital - A Treasurer's Guide

Inside Issue Going Global, Going Digital - A Treasurer's Guide


  • Seeing Cash More Clearly with UniCredit
    Marco Bigatti, Group Treasurer & Chief Accounting Officer, Luxottica Group with Massimiliano Cirelli, Vice President, Cash Management International Sales Expert Italy, UniCredit
  • Improving Performance through Treasury Innovation at Geox
    by Federica Vello, Treasury Manager, Geox S.p.A.
  • An Importer’s View: Efficiency and Differentiation Make a Compelling Case for the BPO
    An interview with Stefanie Stanzel, Vice President Commercial, Polytrade Global GmbH


  • Going Global, Going Digital
    Gianfranco Bisagni, Co-Head of Corporate & Investment Banking, UniCredit
  • Brexit: So Far, the Costs Are All to the UK
    by Erik F. Nielsen, Group Chief Economist and Head of CIB Research, UniCredit
  • Bitcoin and Blockchain
    by Sven Korschinowski, Partner, and Johannes Nöbel CFA, Financial Services Consultant, KPMG Germany
  • Fintech – Partners or Competitors? A New Generation in Banking
    by Claudio Camozzo and Jan Kupfer, Global Co-Heads of Global Transaction Banking, UniCredit
  • Technology Innovation at the Heart of Transaction Banking
    by Thomas Dolenga, Head of Cash Management Products, Global Transaction Banking, UniCredit
  • Supporting Clients on their African Journey
    by Christian Nägele, Head of Sub-Saharan Africa Regional Office, UniCredit
  • A Transatlantic Partnership
    by Martin Marsmann, Head of Global Transaction Banking Americas, UniCredit
  • The Prospering Trade Relationship between Europe and Asia
    by Holger Frank, Head of Financial Institutions Group and Global Transaction Banking Asia, UniCredit
  • Reinforcing Transaction Banking in the UK
    by George Stein, Head of Global Transaction Banking UK, UniCredit
  • Digital Trade Finance Solutions: Not Just for Large and Multinational Corporates
    by Raphael Barisaac, Head of Trade Products, Global Transaction Banking, UniCredit
  • Supply Chain Finance for Working Capital Advantage
    by Adeline de Metz, Head of Supply Chain Finance Solutions, Global Transaction Banking, UniCredit
  • Depositary Banks Need Common Standards for Effective Due Diligence
    by Susanna Scheffold, Head of Global Securities Services, Global Transaction Banking, UniCredit