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TMI 167 - Jul/Aug 2008

TMI 167 - Jul/Aug 2008

Seeking Investment Returns 

Forget John Grisham and Jackie Collins - this month's essential beach reading is all about investment. The period which we are in has frequently been referred to as a time of ‘economic uncertainty' - no-one knows quite what's happening, what will happen and indeed, in many cases, what has happened. So does this mean that we should forgo our annual jaunt to the beach and be peering at our Bloomberg or Reuters screens instead?

Among the many articles written by Treasurers in this issue, you can also read a Special Report  focusing on questions such as "How are corporates changing their investment processes, and is this necessary?".

Special Feature

 Cancelling your Holiday? Think Again

by Helen Sanders, TMI

Best Practice Articles

 Nestlé's Approach to Group Pension Fund Management

by Jean-Pierre Steiner, Corporate Pensions and Risk Director, Nestlé S.A.

 A Methodology for Adding Value to Business Unit Performance Through the Management of Financial Risk Variables

by Nigel Grey, Treasury Manager, De Beers Group

 Trends in Supply Chain Finance

by Phillip Kerle, Chief Executive Officer, Demica

 Brunei Darussalam

by Rady Roswanddy Roslan

Thought Leadership

 Prioritising Truth and Responsibility

by Václav Havel, Former President of the Czech Republic

 A Roadmap to Global Pension Fund Management

by Martin Jack, Managing Director, Northern Trust Global Investments


 Letter from the Editor

by Helen Sanders

 News in July 2008

by Elizabeth Hennessy, TMI

 EACT News

by Olivier Brissaud, Chairman, EACT and Gianfranco Tabasso, Chairman EACT Payment Commission and CAST Coordinator

 Executive Briefing

by Elizabeth Hennessy, TMI

Other Articles

 Using Money Market Funds during Economic Instability


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