TMI 172

Inside Issue 172

Special Feature

  • Trimming the Sails: the 2009 Risk Agenda
    Helen Sanders, Editor
  • RZB Special Report
    Peter Brezinschek, Head of Economics and Financial Research, RZB
  • The SWIFT Return on Investment
    A SIBOS Corporate Forum Panel Discussion. Hosted by Citi

Best Practice Articles

  • FX Wholesale and Retail Banking Automation
    Tim Shaw, Product Manager, IMX Software

Thought Leadership

  • Managing Treasury in a FTSE-100 Company
    Helen Sanders, Editor
  • Centralisation in China
    An interview with Lisa Robins of J.P. Morgan
  • Using Financial Supply Chain Management to Support Working Capital at Tech Data Corporation
    Helen Sanders, Editor
  • The Competitive Edge
    Dr. J. Taylor


  • Contents
  • International News and People
  • EACT News
    Richard Raeburn, Chairman, EACT
  • Executive Briefing