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TMI 中国 第九期

TMI 中国 第九期

TMI China is published in association with the IACCT (China) and the China CFO Association (CACFO).

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Special Feature

 财务长能否解决全球能源危机? (Can Treasurers Solve the Global Energy Crisis?)

Helen Sanders——编辑 - Helen Sanders, Editor, TMI

Best Practice Articles

 回顾:着重做好风险管理 (Revisited: A Focused Approach to Risk Management)

Maciej Müldner - Skanska(波兰)公司司库 - Maciej Müldner, Treasurer, Skanska Poland

 在集团范围内控制流动性 (Controlling Liquidity Across the Group)

Helmust Schäfer——REWE集团财务控制主管 - Helmut Schäfer, Head of Treasury Control, REWE Group

 营运资本优先 (Prioritising Working Capital)

Bruce Gau - 爱立信撒哈拉以南非洲地区财务主管 - Bruce Gau, Regional Treasurer, Sub-Saharan Africa, Ericsson

 利用供应链融资改善现金周转 (Using Supply Chain Finance to Improve Cash Conversion)

Laurent J. Barbé - Copap公司副总裁暨首席运营官 - Laurent J. Barbé, Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer, Copap Inc.

 Borealis将财务运作内部化 (Insourcing Treasury Operations at Borealis)

Eddy Jacqmotte——Borealis现金与银行经理/后台管理主管 - Eddy Jacqmotte, Manager Cash & Bank – Head of Back Office Administration, Borealis

 药品业保付代理 (Factoring in Pharmaceuticals)

Thomas Trűmper博士——ANZAG公司执行委员会主席 - Dr Thomas Trümper, Chairman of the Executive Board, ANZAG

Thought Leadership

 在中国进行高效的资金管理 (Implementing Efficient Treasury Management Services in China)

许燕——中国工商银行支付与现金管理部总经理 - Ms Xu Yan, General Manager, Payments and Cash Management Department, ICBC

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