Corporate Treasury in France 2012

Inside Issue Corporate Treasury in France 2012

Best Practice Articles

  • Security and Standardisation with 3SKey
    Philippe Bouchard, Group Treasurer, Hermès, and Stephanie Niemi, Channels Marketing, BNP Paribas Cash Management

Thought Leadership

  • Interview: Hugh Weston-Smith, Sphere
    Hugh Weston-Smith, Financial Director, Sphere
  • Interview: Frédéric Bernet, Sequana
    Frédéric Bernet, Director of Finance and Treasury, Sequana
  • Money Market Funds and Credit Research
    Mark Stockley, Managing Director and Head of International Cash Sales, BlackRock
  • Interview: Eric Bosdonnat, La Poste
    Eric Bosdonnat, Finance and Treasury Manager, La Poste
  • Interview: Bruno Capron, Lagardère Active
    Bruno Capron, Director of Treasury, Financing and Insurance, Lagardère Active
  • Interview: Jean-Claude Courtois, Altran Technologies
    Jean-Claude Courtois, Treasurer, Altran Technologies group
  • Grasping the SEPA Opportunity
    Cédric Derras, Head of Cash Management Corporates, Deutsche Bank France
  • Interview: Gérard Rameix, National Credit Mediator
    Gérard Rameix, National Credit Mediator
  • Interview: Philippe Soulenq, Technip
    Philippe Soulenq Joint Director of the Group Treasury, Technip
  • Liborgate - One Scandal Too Many