TMI USA  - Issue 5

Inside Issue USA - Issue 5

Special Feature

  • Whoís Driving your Business: Receivables Management
    by Helen Sanders, Editor, TMI
  • Increasing Liquidity in State and Corporate
    by Jackie Hollister, Commissioning Editor
  • The Insiderís View on SEPA: What U.S. Corporations Need to Know
  • Purchasing Cards Offer Protection Against the Storm
    by Darren Parslow, Senior Vice President, Commercial Solutions, Visa USA
  • How Arkansas State Treasury Increased Liquidity Management
    By Debbie Rogers, Manager of Local Government Services Arkansas State Treasury
  • The Changing Face of Short-Term Investment in the 21st Century
    by Marc Doman, Managing Director, AIM Global


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Other Articles

  • Goal Alignment and Enabling Technology Improve the Cash Flow
    Joe Prudente, Director of Worldwide Credit, Future Electronics
  • Bright Minds Vivianna Guzman
    Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer American Management Association (AMA)
  • Corporate Treasury in Canada Today
    by Mike Whiston, Executive Director, TMAC (Treasury Management Association of Canada) and Paul LaRock, Principal, Treasury Strategies, Inc.
  • US vs. Rest of the World Global Fixed Income Q4-2006 Review/Outlook
    by Elizabeth Para, CFA, Senior Product Engineer, SSgA - United Kingdom