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A Treasurer's Guide to Hedge Accounting

A Treasurer's Guide to Hedge Accounting

The stringent requirements around hedging commodity exposures have forced companies to take a really hard look at the risk within the final finished product or ultimate delivery point of the commodity.
In this special supplement, as Jiro Okochi, the CEO and Co-founder of Reval, points out "while it’s very easy to find flaws with the rules or principles behind FAS 133 or IAS 39 it’s hard to argue that there have not been any benefits from the standard for companies and shareholders. At minimum it is forcing companies to ask the question of should I hedge and a better understanding of how derivatives work as these volatile markets change".

Special Feature

 A Treasurer's Guide to Hedge Accounting

By Jiro Okochi, Mark Kirkland, Francois Masquelier, Helen Sanders, Rory Peelman, John Kidd, Ashish Advani & Sebastian di Paola

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 Implementing Hedge Accounting at Sappi

Romy Peelman, Manager - Accounting and Tax, Sappi

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