DataLog Finance

DataLog Finance

DataLog Finance provides in-house and SaaS solutions designed to satisfy all present and future needs of corporate treasurers. Its CashSolutions full-web range of software includes:

CashPooler (Payment Factory and multi-protocol Bank Communication)

CashValue (Cash & Liquidity management module)

- eBAM (Bank Account and Authorization Management)

CashRisk (market transaction and risk management platform)

CashMatching (flow reconciliation software)

Besides, the new TMS Treasury Line brings Treasurer’s job to another level with its innovative Front to Back / to Book / to Payment approach and its comprehensive field of financial and market instruments.

Over the years, DataLog Finance has gained the confidence of very large groups all over the world, such as Danone, Axa, Orange, IBM, Airbus, Thales, EDF or Engie. Its products are used on a daily basis in more than 100 countries by more than 13 000 users in 50+ large companies.

Alongside, DataLog Finance strengthens its presence worldwide by building a network of certified partnerships in Europe and Asia.


Imad Ben Mariem, CEO
Daniel Dahan, Commercial Director
Phone: +33 (0)1 44 08 80 10

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