Navigating a Treasury 4.0 World
Corporates Guidebook

In a time where corporates are becoming increasingly more global and the treasury efficiency agenda continues, it is vital to keep track of and understand how business landscapes are evolving across the world. We hope this guidebook will open up new ideas and help you to make more informed decisions around your treasury operations, supporting your organisation's strategic agenda.


As the rapid digitisation of businesses continues, treasurers must evolve and adapt to new ways of working or risk holding back other areas of the business.

Industry 4.0: A Treasury Revolution

The current trend of increasing automation and data exchange in the commercial world, often referred to as Industry 4.0, promises numerous productivity gains. However, while Industry 4.0 may be taking off in the commercial side of the business, many corporations have yet to emulate it in their treasury operations.

The Evolving World of Treasury and Corporate Supply Chain

The ability to switch technology and supply chains to new locations/suppliers with the minimum of upheaval is becoming a business imperative. This applies not just to the physical supply chain but also the financial one that underpins it, which presents corporate treasuries with significant additional challenges.

Blazing a Transformation Trail: Saudi Arabia's New Digital Frontier

As part of a blueprint for a better future, the Saudi government is implementing measures to create a digitally-transformed, diverse economy. For corporate treasurers operating in the kingdom, or considering expansion into the country, this new digital era offers exciting efficiency opportunities and the chance to shape a sustainable future.

Corporates: Fit for the future? (Infographic)

Treasury management is transforming - and treasury functions need to be fit for the future of treasury management.

Next Generation Treasury Management: From Industry 4.0 to Treasury 4.0

Industry 4.0 is changing the way businesses operate and compete, powering a new breed of treasury management solutions and strategies. Without a robust understanding of the challenges and opportunities that Industry 4.0 – and importantly Treasury 4.0 – brings, companies risk losing their competitive edge.

Time to Level Up: Reaching Treasury 4.0

Next generation treasury functions will work in real-time, with highly integrated, automated systems. Treasury teams will leverage intelligent tools; data will power forward-looking decision-making; and manual legwork will give way to strategic thinking.

The Robots are Coming: Treasury Evolution in China

As Industry 4.0 drives the transition towards Treasury 4.0, China and Asia Pacific-based treasury functions are exploring a host of new technologies, and new strategic partnerships, to make the most of this exciting environment.

Supercharging Treasury with Industry 4.0 Technology

Artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics are no longer pipe dreams for treasury. Leading treasury functions are already deploying these ‘Industry 4.0’ technologies to make their operations slick, lean and intelligent – without significant budget or disruption.

Turning up the Heat: Treasury Transformation in Mexico

Mexico now boasts one of the strongest fintech ecosystems in Latin America and is rapidly being recognised as a hotbed of digital innovation.

Robotic Treasury: Seizing Digital Transformation in ASEAN

HSBC’s recent Global Liquidity and Cash Management Forum held in Singapore captured the spirit of digital change that is sweeping through businesses, governments, and treasury in the ASEAN region.

5 Reasons Why Singapore is a Treasury 4.0 Hotspot

Singapore is a breeding ground for next generation treasury management. This article outlines how treasurers can take advantage of Treasury 4.0.

Houston, We Have a Solution: Cheniere Flips the Treasury Script

As well as providing greater cash visibility and control, Cheniere Energy's centralisation journey has delivered significant efficiency and sustainability benefits, turning treasury into a value creator – and award-winner.

Portrait of a Modern Treasury: Digitisation meets Sustainability at Pernod Ricard India

Keen to future-proof its treasury function, Pernod Ricard India (PRI) has undergone an impressive digital transformation that has led to significant efficiency gains and delivered important sustainability benefits.

Streamlining Tube Fare Repayments in London

TfL introduced HSBC’s Beneficiary Self-Management solution early in 2018. This solution is designed to speed up repayments and avoid the inefficiencies of making one-off, low value Oyster card refunds. We find out how TfL implemented it in order to enable better decisions and improve quality of life.

Transforming Zuellig Pharma's Receivables with Virtual Accounts and Robotic Process Automation

Zuellig Pharma receives a very high volume of customer remittances at month end, which was causing accounts receivable (AR) reconciliation delays. Zuellig responded by implementing HSBC’s dynamic virtual accounts (VA) solution together with robotic process automation (RPA), which has enhanced throughput, customer satisfaction and the company’s working capital position.

Getting Real about Diversity & Inclusion in Treasury

As more employers adapt their hiring process to select from a diverse candidate pool, how can treasurers enact effective Diversity & Inclusion?