TIS Partnership with Orchard Finance Leverages Local Expertise


TIS (Treasury Intelligence Solutions), the cloud-based platform for corporate payments, and Orchard Finance Consultants, an independent Dutch consultancy organisation in the field of Debt Advisory, Treasury and Staffing, have entered into a new partnership agreement.

Aderito Duarte, Senior Sales Executive, Benelux, TIS, told TMI that Orchard Finance will remain an independent service provider but will provide on-the-ground technical and business expertise. The main aim of the tie-up is to provide deeper local support to clients in the Netherlands, mostly around project management, change management and the client on-boarding process.

TIS is seeking “sustainable and exponential growth”, says Duarte. “For this we need strong partners.”

Orchard Finance is a respected consultancy provider across Benelux, with a deep history of treasury project experience. Duarte believes this partnership is a perfect complement to TIS’s software knowhow. In practical terms, the consultancy’s role will be in helping TIS clients to analyse, understand and optimise their treasury functions, according to current and future needs, through the most appropriate adaptations of TIS’s platform.

TIS is aiming to engage in more partnerships, not only from a local support perspective, but also as a means of adding new customers, says Duarte. Ideally, he adds, local partners will be brought in as resellers of the TIS platform.

“We want to develop a partner ecosystem that can not only promote TIS through their own customer bases, but also add value through their experience and knowledge: that way we create a win-win-win situation.”

Orchard Finance is already involved in a number of other partnerships with treasury system providers and is free to promote the most appropriate solutions to its clients. “In that broad landscape, TIS covers one specific part, which is payments,” notes Duarte. A client already deploying another TMS can easily plug into TIS to leverage what he calls “the best-of-breed payments solution”.

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