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Blog|Dominic Broom

Why Trade Finance Market Places are the Way Forward

...an optimal manner. From a risk management perspective, AI can leverage network data and real-time payment behaviours to develop more accurate, real time credit scores and associated tools to monitor investments. Increased use of AI across all aspects of global supply chains will help to further boost economic growth, by...

Articles Treasury Strategy & Transformation

Recipe for Success: Building a New World-class Treasury during Lockdown

...The third pillar is risk management, with interest-rate risk management bound with debt financing and, particularly for Takeaway, FX risk mitigation. Indeed, without a hedging policy or even facilities in place, with considerable non-euro cashflows and significant costs in dollar and sterling, the company relied almost entirely on achieving natural...
Published  8 MIN READ


Bottomline and TreasuryXpress Announce Payments and Cash Lifecycle Platform

...we are transforming payments and cash management processes to streamline and simplify the end-to-end cash lifecycle for businesses of all sizes, from SMBs to enterprises. An integrated payables, receivables and treasury management solution is an important innovation, for both corporates and the banks that serve them. Our combination with TreasuryXpress...

Articles Cash & Liquidity Management

Is it Time to Appoint a Chief Liquidity Officer?

...a lot of manual communication and re-keying of data. Where a single, enterprise-wide platform is the ideal, the reality is more likely to be a host of unconnected spreadsheets, or multiple instances of siloed legacy treasury management systems and enterprise resource planners (ERPs). “Treasury systems can deliver a real-time ‘dashboard’...
Published  17 MIN READ

Articles Trade Finance

Paper Cuts: Rio Tinto Leverages Blockchain for Trade

...has purposefully developed an open architecture, enabling many more stakeholders to connect. This work is ongoing. Even Rio Tinto is yet to integrate its enterprise resource planning (ERP) and other back-office systems to the Contour environment. Without that integration it still requires some human intervention, with invoices being issued and...
Published  7 MIN READ

Articles Treasury Technology

ION Treasury: Creating Real-World Opportunities for a Digital Future

...As the starting point for a future vision of treasury, the concept of digitalisation encompasses at least four key improvement areas, notes Michael Kolman, Chief Product Officer, ION Treasury. A vital first link in the chain is workflow management technology, such as a treasury management system (TMS), which acts as...
Published  9 MIN READ

Articles Risk Management

FX Hedging Strategies for 2021 and Beyond

...risk management. As such, we will likely see the rise of what he calls the “multi-tech treasury”, where third-party Currency Management Automation software augments core system functionality. And when this happens, he believes that treasurers will finally be able to “break the silos” that have constrained FX risk management. It...
Published  6 MIN READ

Articles Trade Finance

Blockchain and the Corporate Treasurer

...treasuries Optimise liquidity management Optimise reconciliation process Shorten settlement cycle Full auditability of transactions Improve risk management Strategic benefits Cost reduction Streamlining processes and cutting costs First of all, Smart Treasury can contribute to improved liquidity management thanks to greater transparency, enabling greater control over key treasury workflows. It may...
Published  7 MIN READ

Blog|Christoph Gugelmann

The Potential of Quantum Computing in Trade Finance

...promising.” Quantum transaction scoring Broadly speaking, there are two forms of credit scoring that are commonly used: company credit scoring and transaction credit scoring. Trade finance requires a scoring that captures all relevant transactional risk elements including credit risk, dilution risk and fraud risk. For a trade finance transaction there...

Articles Treasury Strategy & Transformation

A Life-Changing Digital Treasury Transformation

...Solution Management Treasury and Working Capital Management Christian Mnich works in Finance Solution Management at SAP SE, based in Walldorf, Germany. Responsible for solution strategy and go-to market for the entire treasury and working capital management portfolio from SAP. He also oversees billing and revenue innovation management (BRIM) and his...
Published  9 MIN READ


Ledgermatic Launches Push To Modernise Corporate Treasury For The Digital Asset Economy

...crypto-finance strategy requirements are constantly shifting. With business activity conducted in digital assets becoming mainstream, enterprise finance teams are under pressure to reshape business operations or risk getting left behind by competitors. Built on Confidential Computing technology produced by IBM Cloud Hyper Protect, the Ledgermatic digital asset platform will provide...

Articles Banking

How SMEs Can Benefit From Bounce-Back Banking

...improved responsiveness – available through digital platforms and partnering with service providers. Pricing SME choice isn’t always about the price. Financial services providers should think flexibly. Innovative – and tailored – approaches to pricing could help them improve SME services and enhance profitability. Credit and risk management Banks should try...
Published  7 MIN READ