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UniCredit's Cash Management Products and Services UniCredit offers a range of electronic banking tools designed to give you control over the management of your money – cross-border as well as cross-bank – in the most flexible way.

UniCredit’s Cash Management Products and Services

Cash Management Products and Services

UniCredit offers you a range of electronic banking tools designed to give you control over the management of your money – cross-border as well as cross-bank – in the most flexible way.

UC eBanking global

UC eBanking global is a portal solution which offers an excellent basis for facing current and future challenges relating to global payments and cash management. This solution lets you take advantage of state-of-the-art technology. You can process your national and worldwide payments quickly, easily and at low cost via a browser based front end.

UC eBanking global makes highly functional components available at every stage of the planning, processing and monitoring of your payment flows. It is also multi-bank capable, i.e., can be used for payments with more than one bank.

UC eBanking global guarantees the following:

1. Full compatibility with SEPA requirements
2. Reliable adherence to the EBICS standard
3. Data encryption using the latest technologies
4. Payments processing in different countries using only one application

This portal solution is also available as an app for mobile devices. The tablet version lets you use similar features as on your laptop or PC. The version for smartphones provides you with a smaller but sufficient number of functions such as payment approvals.


EuropeanGate provides our customers access to almost all UniCredit banks via one single point of entry. This routing and conversion platform enables the processing of both national payment formats as well as unified international formats such as SWIFT Messages

(e.g., MT101, MT103) or XML (SEPA, ISO-XML, CGI).

SWIFTNet FileAct Hub

(Single Access Point for FileAct for the entire UniCredit Group)

UniCredit offers corporate customers full connectivity to the SWIFTNet network for many different messaging services demanded for communication between a corporate and its corresponding financial institutions, including messages for payments, treasury, trade and reporting. UniCredit was one of the first banks to offer FileAct to its corporate customers and is always at the cutting edge with regard to the latest SWIFT offerings to corporates. The basis is a FileAct messaging interface which we ourselves have developed, certified by SWIFT which shows our deep knowledge of SWIFT messaging.

In order to increase efficiency and simplify customers’ use of SWIFTNet FileAct with UniCredit banks, one single access point for the entire group has been created for all SWIFTNet FileAct for Corporates traffic. This enables corporate customers to use SWIFTNet FileAct as an additional communication channel for eBanking.

BusinessNet in Central Eastern Europe

BusinessNet, UniCredit’s innovative eBanking solution, is a unique transaction and information platform that enables your organisation to optimally use the internet for your financial needs. It is designed to maximise efficiency and to optimise workflow, meeting the requirements of companies across CEE.

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