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Robert Walters Treasury Compensation and Benefits Survey This survey of UK-based treasurers, which was carried out in co-operation with TMI, reveals interesting details about salary, geography and much more.

Robert Walters Treasury Compensation and Benefits Survey

by Niamh Hourican, Treasury Recruitment Consultant at Robert Walters

This survey was carried out in 2014, in co-operation with TMI.

Figure 1

The vast majority of treasury roles in the UK are based within the M25, and a good percentage of these within the centre of London. Indeed, the graph on figure 1 tells us that 68% of treasurers are based in Greater London. With a majority of larger companies gravitating towards the capital and its reputation as a centre for business, roles outside London tend to be scarcer.

Figure 2

Backing this up is figure 2, which shows that 62% of treasurers surveyed work for a company with an annual turnover of £1bn or higher and 44% for businesses with a turnover of £5bn or higher. Larger businesses are often those most likely to be able to afford treasury specialists and be of an appropriate size to benefit fully from this expertise, so these figures are perhaps unsurprising.

While a good proportion of respondents do not yet hold a treasury qualification, nearly a quarter are AMCT qualified, a number that is expected to rise as more junior candidates look to build on their skill sets. Our observation is that registration and demand for this qualification is on the up.

Figure 3

Regarding salaries, figure 3 shows that the bulk of treasurers are earning between £60,000-£99,000 per annum, with 43% of respondents falling into this bracket. More than one in ten- 14% - take home annual salaries of over £150,000, demonstrating the potentially lucrative opportunities that arise from a career in treasury.

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