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2017 Awards for Innovation and Excellence - Introducing the Winners We are delighted to introduce the winners of the 2017 TMI Awards for Innovation and Excellence. Every year has marked a step change in the number and quality of nominations and 2017 was no exception with some well known banks and technology vendors amongst the winners - and some new names too.

2017 Awards for Innovation and Excellence – Introducing the Winners

Introducing the Winners 

By Helen Sanders, Editor

Every year in the TMI Awards has marked a step change in the number and quality of award nominations, and 2017 was no exception, with some well-known banks and technology vendors, but some less familiar names too.

2017 Awards for Innovation and ExcellenceBank Awards

This year Citi and HSBC won a clutch of awards in the bank categories. Citi was recognised for both Cash & Liquidity and Financial Supply Chain Management in Middle East & Africa, and South America. Citi demonstrated strong year-on-year growth in both regions, excellent customer partnerships and innovative solutions to meet regional needs whilst creating regional synergies. CitiConnect® API is available across its footprint, creating proven opportunities for efficient transaction and information flows and processes.

HSBC was awarded Best Bank for Financial Supply Chain Management, in Europe, Asia Pacific and North America, and was similarly recognised for Cash and Liquidity in Asia. In Asia, HSBC has expanded in the Pearl River Delta (PRD) and ASEAN regions. In addition, it remains one of the leading banks in mainland China and Hong Kong, and is active in creating opportunities resulting from RMB internationalisation. HSBC has also reinforced its commitment to innovation and digital transformation in the region, with a proactive approach to creating solutions in partnership with clients, and collaborating in wider industry initiatives. Based on the strength of HSBC’s nominations across all regions, the judging panel were delighted to offer it the Global Award for Best Bank for Cash & Liquidity Management.

Deutsche Bank won the Cash & Liquidity management award for Europe. The judging panel was keen to acknowledge the bank’s investment in innovation, and the quality of the user experience evidenced through powerful client testimonials, including through cross-border ACH and API-enabled services. Ongoing investment in the bank’s network in Europe and beyond, and collaboration in developing best practices in cybersecurity were also key factors in the panel’s decision.

UniCredit was awarded a special regional  Cash & Liquidity solutions award for Central & Eastern Europe (CEE) in recognition of readers’ enthusiasm for the bank’s articles in TMI during the course of the year. UniCredit has made valuable contributions to cover stories and roundtables, featured in OTB’s award-winning case study, and produced thoughtful insights on digitisation in cash management, including the impact of the internet of things. 

Bank of America Merrill Lynch was awarded the Cash & Liquidity award in the final two, key regions: China and North America. The bank’s strength in North America is well-established and widely recognised, but it is also making a significant impact in China. In January 2017, the State Administration of Foreign Exchange (SAFE) granted special approval to the bank’s China branches to streamline clients’ payment processes for stock option incentive plans through an RMB pending payment account. Another successful initiative was the launch of a payments collection service supporting mobile and card payments through China UnionPay Merchant Services Company (UMS). As the first non-Chinese bank to offer this end-to-end solution via multiple collection channels in China, Bank of America Merrill Lynch now offers companies in the retail, logistics, and industrial goods sectors an integrated solution that streamlines the process of payments collection and reconciliation. 

Societe Generale holds a notable position across 13 countries in CEE, and was awarded a special regional  Financial Supply Chain Management award for the region. In addition to increasing the depth of its network in the region, the bank is pursuing new digital opportunities to meet the needs of importing and exporting clients, including collaborating with partner banks in initiatives such as we.trade, a blockchain-based solution to streamline European trade finance. The bank also launched a pioneering new version of its web-based Sogetrade & Services solution in late 2017.

BNP Paribas was awarded the Global Financial Supply Chain Management Award, testimony to the depth and breadth of the bank’s expertise and solutions across its footprint of around 100 trade centres in 60 countries. Powerful client testimonials bear witness to the transformational value of the bank’s solutions in driving international trade and facilitating growth across supply chains.

ING has been recognised for the FX Risk Management and Markets Award for 2017 with a very impressive submission. As part of the bank’s Think Forward strategy, to empower people to stay a step ahead in life and in business, ING is delivering on its vision to provide a differentiated experience for its increasingly digital and self-directed customers, including investing in client-friendly technologies and tools that make financial planning and decision-making easier, backed by an €800m  investment in digital transformation. Over the past few years, ING’s risk departments have developed a variety of methodologies to answer crucial questions about how much companies can realistically lose as a result of market movements, with tailored analysis for each industry, hedging strategy or business organisation.

J.P. Morgan Asset Management has been awarded the Global Award for Best Money Market Funds provider. By building a reputation for risk management, investment performance and first-class service, J.P. Morgan Asset Management has become the world’s largest institutional money market funds provider, with USD 402.1bn assets under management and overall short-term fixed income assets under management of USD 600.1bn. The bank has enjoyed a substantial increase in new client accounts during the course of 2017 across all regions, taking advantage of 15 locations across seven countries, six global service centres providing 24-hour coverage, and a globally co-ordinated investment approach.


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