Great Expectations
Future Proofing Treasury

In this series of reports, HSBC examine the treasurer's new world from three perspectives - treasury convergence, smart cities and macroeconomic change - and how these are likely to affect treasurers.


In a world thatís in flux, treasurers are under pressure. HSBC introduces a new series of reports designed to help.

Treasury Convergence as a Launch Pad for Growth

Finance and treasury departments must evolve. They need to navigate converging yet often apparently conflicting priorities.

Great Expectations for Treasury Management (Infographic)

This infographic conveys the change facing treasurers from many directions, and how these changes are creating new business models and commercial opportunities.

Treasury Convergence: Technology-driven business model transformation

While change and complexity are not new for the seasoned finance professional, what is new is the pace and acceleration with which the change is taking place.

Treasury Convergence (Infographic)

To adapt to converging macro trends and the convergence between technology and business models, new finance and treasury management priorities are emerging, enabled by new treasury solutions and techniques. Discover these new trends, priorities and solutions with this instructive infographic.

Why Smart Cities Depend on Intelligent Cash Management

As businesses adapt to the smart city, they need to understand the impact of new business models on their financial value chain.

Smart Cities Open Up a Range of Benefits for Citizens

Citizen can look forward to more convenient and efficient lifestyles, encompassing almost every aspect of day-to-day life.

Smart Cities (Infographic)

Smart cities leverage new technology to increase connectivity and depth of data in order to improve standards of living and to create commercial opportunities.

Why Navigating Today's Macroeconomic Watershed Depends on the Treasurer

A company entering several new markets might face a jigsaw puzzle of cash management and payments systems. All of these must be established, maintained and monitored.

How a Macroeconomic Watershed is Leading to Microeconomic Opportunities

Financial connectivity and flexibility will be key to long-term success in a diversifying, pivoting and converging world.

The Macroeconomic Watershed (Infographic)

This infographic examines the commercial opportunities and treasury implications from economies diversifying and pivoting.

OceanaGold: Future proofing growth

When a reshuffle in its banking group triggered the decision to select a new primary cash management bank, OceanaGold, multinational gold producer, chose HSBC.