January 2018 14 Min Read

2017 Corporate Recognition Awards: Harnessing Innovation to Enhance Treasury Performance

The end of 2017 marks a bittersweet time for me. These are my final Awards as Editor of TMI, but looking back over the past 12 years since I started with TMI, the Corporate Recognition awards have grown from a handful of awards in 2006 as a supplement to the bank and...


January 2018 5 Min Read

Leveraging Technology for Value Creation

GN Group is a global leader in intelligent audio solutions, with key brands: Jabra; ReSound; Beltone and Interton marketed in 100 countries globally. Through these innovative products, GN enables users to hear more, do more and be more than they thought possible. ...


November 2017 5 Min Read

Do You Keep Cash Close to (the Currency) Home?

Centralisation has been a key theme in corporate treasury for some years, with many corporations successfully operating regional centres to support particular geographies. Increasingly, however, we see a trend towards...


June 2017 7 Min Read

Centralisation, Digitisation and Automation – A Story of Treasury Transformation

Treasury has evolved substantially in recent years from effectively being a cash management function that operated in a largely siloed way from the rest of the organisation, to being a strategic and connected business enabler, whether across cash, liquidity, risk or...


May 2017 3 Min Read

How Digitisation is Improving Corporate Payments

In recent years, the corporate payments management sector has suffered from underinvestment in many organisations, in both process rationalisation and technology infrastructure. This has led directly to a range of...