September 2019 7 Min Read

My Life in Treasury: Nicolas Tusseau

Take risks when young, keep studying and stay abreast of technology – this is key advice Nicolas Tusseau gives to anyone looking to develop their career in treasury. And he quotes Richard Branson, who famously said: “If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity...


March 2018 9 Min Read

My Life in Treasury: Michelle Dovey, MJD Treasury Solutions

My Life in Treasury Ever thought about taking a year out from treasury but are unsure how you will get back into the profession? Or perhaps you’ve considered opening your own treasury consultancy but don’t know where to start? Read on to discover how Michelle Dovey...


October 2017 3 Min Read

How Biometric Authentication Helps to Combat Fraud

Striking the correct balance between the user experience we want and the security measures we need in order to avoid breaches, is a key challenge for today’s financial institutions. In practice, we usually see the scales favouring one side or another; either too much...