October 2018 3 Min Read

The Journey to Automation: How Far Along Are We?

Historically, the mantra of “it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” has served us well in treasury. The sheer complexity of the many functions we may be running means that established structures and procedures are trusted to get the job done, in a way that new tech or...


September 2018 7 Min Read

Integrating Cash and Risk: A Next Generation TMS

In April 2018, TMS vendor GTreasury acquired Visual Risk, a leading risk management and treasury software company based in Australia. The goal of the acquisition is nothing less than to create the most comprehensive TMS in the market. Eleanor Hill, Editor, TMI, catches...


September 2018 6 Min Read

My Life in Treasury: Frances Cavanagh, Willis Towers Watson

How did you come into treasury and what attracted you to the profession? I was working within the Accounts Payable team in the shared service centre at Kellogg in Manchester. As my team were processing the payment files, I was interacting with treasury daily to discuss...


May 2018 6 Min Read

Goodbye Hanse Orga, Hello Serrala

As of today, 5 June 2018, Hanse Orga Group has become ‘Serrala’ – a new brand for a technology-driven world, but one that still embodies the core values that clients know and expect, says Sven Lindemann, CEO, Hanse Orga Group. As well as rebranding, the company...


April 2018 5 Min Read

A Milestone in SWIFT Corporate Connectivity

ING has had a long and proactive commitment to supporting clients that choose to use SWIFT for bank connectivity. In 2017, the bank reached an important milestone, with almost one in four of all SWIFT corporate clients worldwide now connected to ING.  In this...


March 2018 10 Min Read

Blazing a Funding Transparency Trail

Key Points  As an NGO receiving around $100m plus annually, Pathfinder International is keen to be able to demonstrate to donors  that it operates transparently, with a high proportion of donor funds going directly to recipients Sunlight Payments, a...


March 2018 9 Min Read

Hybrid Cloud ERP: Taking Treasury by Storm

 It might sound too good to be true, but there is a way to gain greater visibility over group cash, reduce payments fraud, and extract further value from your ERP – without migrating decentralised subsidiaries into the ERP environment. In this month’s...


November 2017 7 Min Read

Leveraging Technology to Drive Treasury Transformation at Alhokair

The business and consumer environment in Saudi Arabia has changed significantly in recent years in line with evolving economic conditions. Consumers have become more cautious in their spending habits and more price-sensitive than in the past when purchasing not only...


October 2017 12 Min Read

Flying the Fintech Kite

Technology innovation has always been intrinsic to the changing role of treasury, and been instrumental in creating opportunities for enhanced efficiency, control and capacity building. In some cases, such as electronic banking, technology has been delivered by banks...


June 2017 6 Min Read

OpenLink Cloud – A World First

OpenLink Cloud is the world’s first enterprise cloud platform for trading, treasury and risk management, combining the strength and security of the Microsoft Azure platform with OpenLink’s own security and tools to ensure that clients’ systems and data are...


May 2017 7 Min Read

Sunshine in the Cloud – Sharing insights on treasury technology opportunities

Chaired by Helen Sanders, Editor During this roundtable discussion published in association with FIS, two corporate treasurers, Masha Weijers, group treasurer of Futuris, supplier to the automotive industry headquartered in Australia, and Carolyn Maloney, group...