March 2018 10 Min Read

Blazing a Funding Transparency Trail

Key Points  As an NGO receiving around $100m plus annually, Pathfinder International is keen to be able to demonstrate to donors  that it operates transparently, with a high proportion of donor funds going directly to recipients Sunlight Payments, a...


March 2018 9 Min Read

Hybrid Cloud ERP: Taking Treasury by Storm

 It might sound too good to be true, but there is a way to gain greater visibility over group cash, reduce payments fraud, and extract further value from your ERP – without migrating decentralised subsidiaries into the ERP environment. In this month’s...


November 2017 12 Min Read

Pondering Payments

Ten years ago, the collapse of Lehman Bros and the rampaging financial crisis that followed started at Sibos. Despite the whirlwind that followed, the eye of the storm, in a room full of the world’s bankers, was eerily silent. The lights at the Lehman booth were,...


November 2017 5 Min Read

In the Crosshairs of Hackers: the Human Element in Cyber Risk

As cyber-attacks continue to dominate the headlines, corporate treasurers prove to be prime targets. Given cyber criminals want access to other people’s money, it’s natural that the treasury function makes an obvious target. The most intuitive cyber risk relating...