November 2021 10 Min Read

An Open Invitation to Treasury Efficiency

Practical Use Cases for Open Banking While it remains something of a mystery to many corporate treasurers, open banking is much more than a collection of acronyms and regulatory endeavours. In fact, it is the basis of an evolving financial ecos...


August 2021

Treasury in 2030: 5 Practical Steps for Preparing Ahead

2030 is nine years away. But the time for transformation is now.


August 2021 12 Min Read

Treasury in 2030

5 Practical Steps for Preparing Ahead No-one knows precisely what the future holds, but a successful digital treasury team must be able to adjust quickly to the evolving ecosystem – and be able to scale at speed. In this article, four industry experts outline their...


July 2021 9 Min Read

Adding Value with Veterans

From enlisting in the Australian Army straight out of high school, to now being Vice President in the Wholesale Payments group at J.P. Morgan, via offshore oil and gas drilling, Andrew Smith’s career trajectory has given him diverse and valuable insights to deploy in...


June 2021 23 Min Read

Taking Digital Treasury to the Next Level: A No-Nonsense Guide

Introduction Conor MaherHead of Transaction Banking Products, NatWest Moving beyond the Covid catalyst For many corporate treasurers, 2020 was a crash course in digital transformation. As companies adjusted to global lockdown and remote working as a result of the...


May 2021 15 Min Read

Open Your Eyes to the Benefits of Open Banking

An untapped opportunity is a rare prize in the corporate treasury community, but open banking offers this potential. By leveraging the digital infrastructure that open banking creates, corporates can harness real-time data, benefit from new ways to pay and collect...


March 2021 3 Min Read

Open Banking in the Middle East: Driving Adoption

Since 2018, when Open Banking was launched in the UK and Europe’s revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) was implemented, regulators around the globe have embraced a shift towards innovation that, finally, is helping the end-consumer. Indeed, the spirit of Open...


March 2021 3 Min Read

From Ancient Rome to the Digital World

The second instalment of Standard Chartered’s Regulatory Readiness Series for Corporates explores the impact on treasury of the regulatory necessity to respond to immediate threat while delivering on long-term planning needs. Rome was not built in a day. As with...


February 2021 7 Min Read

Why Banking Has to Shape Up or Ship Out

EY’s recent report on the state of the corporate, commercial, and SME banking market points to a number of problems in the sector, before providing several solutions. Treasurers interested in moulding the future with their key partners should get involved in the...


December 2020 5 Min Read

Are APIs Really Delivering the Goods?

The noise around APIs is particularly raucous in the financial services world, but are they delivering on the promise to bring a host of new products and services to end-users? TMI asks Sindhu Vadakath, Head of Global Digital Channels and Asia Payments Product...


October 2020 9 Min Read

Born Digital: Reimagining Treasury with Goldman Sachs

After much anticipation, Goldman Sachs has entered the transaction banking arena – firing on all cylinders. Taking a digital-first approach to its cash management platform, the bank looks set to change the playing field for corporate treasurers. Eduardo Vergara,...


October 2020 3 Min Read

Real-time Multi-Bank Reporting Through Open Banking

Open banking is not just a retail banking phenomenon. This global trend also has the potential to significantly improve the working lives of corporate treasurers – by enabling aggregated, real-time, multi-bank reporting at the click of a button. Open banking is...