April 2021 5 Min Read

Divergence Between Central Banks as ECB Takes Action

Northern Trust Asset Management Monthly Market Commentary for March 2021 Eurozone Market Update As expected, the ECB announced no policy changes in March – the meeting concentrated on long end rate moves. The ECB...


March 2021 8 Min Read

Celebrating a Sustainable Future

Treasury4Good Awards 2020 Despite the global pandemic, sustainability and diversity and inclusion (D&I) have remained key areas of engagement for corporate treasurers and their relationship banks. Here, we celebrate those organisations putting environmental, social...


March 2021 5 Min Read

Drowning in Dollars: Can Markets Stay Afloat?

Northern Trust Asset Management Monthly Market Commentary for February 2021 Eurozone Market Update Euro markets saw a relatively mundane month with the front end remaining anchored, as investor outflows across the...


January 2021 3 Min Read

The Starting Gun Has Fired on Money Fund Regulation 2.0

Global regulatory bodies have confirmed that a review of money market fund (MMF) regulation is underway – and there could be changes. Regulatory change could be material to the sector. However, at Fitch Ratings we don’t expect changes to be imminent: the last set...


October 2020 3 Min Read

Rare MMF and Sukuk Default Brings Credit Risk to the Forefront

The recent default of a sukuk, which is a Sharia-compliant financial certificate similar to a bond, in a Saudi Arabian money market fund (MMF) was a highly unusual event. Nevertheless, it raises important questions for short-term investors in the Gulf Cooperation...


October 2020 7 Min Read

Cash Management and Investment in a Shifting World

Without a crystal ball, it is difficult to predict which path the economic recovery will take. Many treasurers are therefore wondering how to manage and invest corporate cash in an optimal manner, given the uncertainty ahead. Nevertheless, Yera Hagopian, Managing...


October 2020 5 Min Read

Future-Proofing Treasury Management

In light of the ongoing economic downturn, the need for treasurers to streamline their cash management processes and unlock trapped liquidity is growing. Simeone Sperotto, Group CFO, Tecnica, explains how his company, an international Italian sports equipment provider,...


July 2020 6 Min Read

A New Model for Assessing Risks and Opportunities in the Money Markets

In the wake of Covid-19, corporates are reassessing their liquidity management strategies. To assist treasury managers in this endeavour, ICD and The Carfang Group have created a new quantitative model for assessing the risk/return relationships among money market...


May 2020 22 Min Read

The Ultimate Short-Term Investment Stress Test: Lessons From Covid-19

Treasurers were finding it hard enough to know where to invest their short-term cash before the pandemic hit. Now, the pressure is even greater. TMI speaks to five industry experts to discover how treasury professionals are responding to the financial impacts of...


January 2020 3 Min Read

MMFs are Turning Green: ESG Innovation at DWS

DWS is already known as a world-class asset manager of money market funds (MMFs). Now, the firm is leading the way in bringing environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria into money market strategies – making it a worthy winner of TMI’s 2019 Award for Best...


January 2020 3 Min Read

Changing the Rules: Redefining MMF Workflows at Drax

Turn the clock back to 2018 and manually transferring money market fund trade data between systems was taking up too much of Drax’s treasury team’s valuable time. Fast forward to today and straight-through processing of data has been achieved thanks to an exemplary...


January 2020 4 Min Read

Petrofac: From PDFs and Excel to Treasury Disruptor

Thanks to a long-term partnership with with ION’s Treasury Reval, the treasury function at energy services company Petrofac has undergone a radical pivot – from PDFs and Excel to embracing artificial intelligence and robotic process automation. Now, the company’s...