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Diversity and Teamwork

Building Treasury Relationships

The merger in 2016 that formed leading global advisory, broking, and solutions company WTW cultivated an environment of constant change for the firm’s treasury. In a recent TMI podcast, Frances Cavanagh, Director, Treasury Operations, and Rivka Attal, Senior Treasury Operations Manager, explored how strong relationships have been the key to success. Sophie Cartwright, Director, International Treasury Specialist, BNP Paribas, was also on hand to explain how close collaboration between bank and client has helped to ease the journey.

Describing post-merger changes over the past few years as a “treasury transformation”, Cavanagh today paints a picture of a successful, regionally centralised operation at WTW. In practical terms, the merger created a geographically dispersed treasury team of around 30, composed of five regional hubs – Manilla, Nashville, London, Ipswich, Reigate and the global in-house banking entity located in Amsterdam.

That geographic spread has naturally led to a culturally diverse team, notes Cavanagh. With around two-thirds of its treasury employees being female, and an age differential spanning some 30 years, she believes WTW is ensuring the advantages of diversity and inclusion (D&I) are maximised within the team.

D&I is very much part of the WTW culture, to the extent that it has taken on an organic, unforced quality. “From a treasury perspective, it’s developed naturally,” comments Cavanagh.