Treasury Strategy & Transformation
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Marching to Your Own Beat

The Power of On-Time Treasury

Real-time treasury holds significant potential benefits – but are 24/7/365 operations suited to the needs of every treasury function? Here, three experts from Bank of America consider an intriguing alternative – the notion of ‘on-time’ treasury. This leverages critical elements of a real-time approach but can offer a lighter touch solution, which can also empower a treasury-as- a-business model.

In business, timing is everything. Of course, the ability to get it right requires the appropriate information to be available to those who need it, when it is needed. This is the mark of ‘on-time’ delivery, rather than the constant 24/7 flow of data in a real-time environment.

Both approaches have their merits, of course. But with the ‘on time’ approach enabling treasury to adjust the level and speed of data collection to suit its individual needs (i.e. not ‘always on’) treasury is then able to collate, analyse, and clearly present accurate and timely intelligence to colleagues in different functions – delivering real business value. This is the basis of the treasury-as-a-business (TaaB) model, taking the treasury function beyond traditional transactional and operating functionality, into the domain of the strategic and value-driven.

Realistic solution

The reason why real-time treasury may not be the right option for all businesses is that not every company would require real time transactions and many corporates simply do not have the scope or resources to run 24/7 operations, explains Serina Hourican, Head of Commercial Sales, Asia Pacific, Bank of America.