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Infosys Leveraging its BNP Paribas AR Facility

Deepak Bhalla, Executive Vice President Finance, Infosys; David Tilley, Chief Commercial Officer, UK, BNP Paribas, Commercial Finance; and Rajeev Rathi, Managing Director, Corporate Coverage, India, BNP Paribas, explore the value of a global receivables purchasing facility.

With more than four decades’ experience, Infosys has become a global leader in next generation digital services and consulting. Today, with annualised revenues exceeding $18bn, the firm enables clients in 56 countries to navigate their transformation journeys using AI, cloud, and a wide spectrum of other digital technologies.

Across this trading ecosystem, Infosys is known for working closely with the communities in which it operates. It does so through a global network of branches and subsidiaries that it has built both organically and by acquisition.

Because of the size and reach of Infosys, one of its key partners is Tier 1 bank BNP Paribas. Well-rehearsed in extending its network to the benefit of its clients’ global operations, Rathi says the bank has collaborated with Infosys to develop “engagements in multiple countries on cash management, risk management, and supply chain solutions”.