Laurent Sarrat

Co-Founder and CEO, Sis ID


Call for Corporates to go on the Cybercrime Attack

Acting collectively and sharing experiences is the only way for businesses to beat technical and commercial hackers, says Laurent Sarrat (Sis ID).

Stronger Together

Nicolas Trimbour BNP Paribas) and Laurent Sarrat (Sis ID) highlight the greatest cyber and fraud threats confronting organisations today, together with best practices to avoid being compromised.

United We Stand: Tackling Cybercrime Together

Cybercrime and fraud are on the rise and new attack vectors are emerging with alarming frequency. Nicolas Trimbour, Head of Fraud Prevention and Chief Data Officer for Cash Management, BNP Paribas, and Laurent Sarrat, CEO at payments security fintech Sis ID, explore the...


How to Spot a Deepfake

Deepfake videos are making the news as a developing means of financial fraud. Laurent Sarrat, Co-Founder and CEO of payments security fintech Sis ID, assists TMI in its investigation of this digital menace. There’s a new threat to corporate financial security, and it is very difficult to detect....