Nominations for our 2022 Awards are now closed.

Thank you to all who have made submissions this year.
Judging will take place over the coming weeks and winners will be informed in due course.
The 2023 Awards will open for nominations in Q2 2023.

About the TMI Awards

For over 30 years, Treasury Management International (TMI) has been dedicated to promoting best practices and innovations in treasury management.

We take pride in the significant input we have made to the development of the treasury and finance profession by promoting the growth of treasury associations and clubs around the world, providing new insights into treasury and supporting treasurers in their efforts to find new ways to add value to their organisations.

Since we introduced the TMI Awards for Innovation & Excellence well over a decade ago, these Awards have become firmly established as the quality benchmark for the treasury profession, formally recognising the practitioners, consultants, banks, and vendors who are defining new frontiers and driving best practices in treasury management globally.

We have established a qualitative approach to the submissions and judging process, thereby providing greater consistency and transparency in the awards criteria. By doing so, we hope to further enhance the value of the TMI Awards for winners, and how these are recognised across the wider profession.

If you represent a corporate treasury, consultancy, bank or technology vendor, you can nominate your own organisation for an award in the relevant category. In addition, you can choose to nominate one or more third parties for an Award. For example, as a corporate treasurer, you may wish to nominate a bank, vendor or consultancy in recognition of innovation and excellence in the services you have received. Similarly, banks, vendors and consultancies may choose to nominate their customers.

Award Categories

The TMI Awards for Innovation and Excellence will be decided across the following categories:

  • Best Investment Strategy

  • Cash & Liquidity Management (Inc. payments and collections)

    This award celebrates the heart of treasury achievement, so whether you’ve created a solution that has given your organisation greater visibility over its cash flows, made great leaps forward in your forecasting, or you’ve set up a new liquidity structure that is giving your team the edge, we want your efforts to be recognised.

  • Corporate Finance and Funding

    It’s been a hard couple of years for most businesses and we know treasurers have pulled out all the stops to ensure the right funding is in place. We want to hear from you, whether you’ve got results via traditional or alternative routes, an enhanced approach to old ways or through something entirely new. So tell us all about your trail-blazing single transaction or your whole new approach to debt.

  • Editor’s Choice Special Awards

    Sometimes a body of work, the people behind it, and the results achieved, just go beyond all expectations. We’ll consider every entrant to this year’s Awards for this very special category. If you’re our 2021 winner you will have made a lasting impression on your organisation, your peers and the industry – and you deserve to be celebrated!

  • Risk Management

    Treasurers consistently place risk at the top of their agenda so now it’s time to be recognised for your efforts in this most challenging of spaces. It’s a category covering a wide range, from traditional financial risks to newer threats such as cyber and geo-political risk and, of course, health. We want to heart about how you are tackling the risks impacting your organisation, and the successes you’ve had.

  • Treasury Team of the Year

    This award is inspired by the outstanding teamwork we see throughout the year at TMI. If you feel you have been part of a pioneering treasury team, built strong connections with other functions, worked together to overcome adversity, or been the centre of a transformative event in your organisation, this award recognises the power of teamwork.

  • Treasury Technology

    Technology has become one of the key enablers for treasury. Whether you’ve completely re-engineered your processes and implemented an enterprise-wide core system and supporting architecture with external partners, created a unique transformational solution in-house, or pushed the envelope with the cutting edge of technology, this award is about celebrating your success with technology.

  • Treasury4Good Corporate – Best Ethical Investment Initiative

    Ethical investing isn’t just for the retail space. Corporates are now increasingly aware of where they park their cash and for this Award we’re looking to hear from treasury pioneers who are championing ethical investments.

  • Treasury4Good Corporate – Best Sustainable Finance Project

    From green bonds to positive impact loans and green RCFs, this Award is for those corporates using sustainable finance to make a difference to their organisation and the world around them.

  • Treasury4Good Corporate – Best Treasury Diversity & Inclusion Drive

    Does your treasury team have a great mix of demographics? Have you gone out of your way to be more inclusive in your hiring? Are you championing LGBT+ initiatives in the workplace? This award recognises those treasury teams actively supporting diversity and inclusion – in every sense.

  • Treasury4Good Corporate – Top Treasury CSR/ESG Award

    For this Award, the judges will be looking for a treasury team that has truly gone over and above to embed CSR into treasury processes. We’re looking for a treasury team that lives and breathes CSR and is always looking for new ways to support their organisation’s CSR goals.

  • Working Capital Management

    This is the award that demonstrates treasury’s prowess at the sharp end because without the right skills in this space, it’s game over. We want to know how you’ve made a positive difference to the cash flow cycle of your organisation, whether that’s with an innovative AP/AR-based programme, a technological response to reconciliations and cash application, the adoption of a progressive supplier finance scheme, or an entirely new approach to this essential discipline.

  • Best Fintech Collaboration

    Banks and fintechs have long-since acknowledged that each brings different yet valuable contributions to the development of customer solutions. Whether established long-term collaborations or newly forged, and whether you’re pushing the boundaries of AI, RPA, APIs, blockchain or data analytics, or even a technology yet to be explored, if together you have created something special, we want you to share a platform with your special partners and celebrate your successes.

  • Cash & Liquidity Management (includes payments and collections)

    Helping clients to achieve superior visibility over their cash, providing solutions that deliver new and valuable analytical depth, delivering professional advisory services that are second-to -none: these all help cement corporate relationships in the cash and liquidity management space. Whether you’re taking a technological or service-based approach, or a combination of both, let us know and let your work be feted!

  • Supply Chain Financing (includes trade finance and working capital finance)

    Working for the benefit of buyers and suppliers helps to forge stronger bonds in supply chain relationships, and it is this that keeps the wheels of commerce turning. Tell us your story, and how you have helped progress this important aspect of trade development. Whether you are removing cumbersome paperwork with innovative blockchain-based solutions, or enabling clients to expand into new territories and buyer/supplier bases, we want to hear from you.

  • Innovation in Crypto Assets

  • Innovation in the Short-Term Investment Ecosystem

    Demonstrating true innovation in the challenging short-term investment space is no easy feat. Wherever you are located and whatever your size, if you’re an investment manager or technology provider and you feel you have made a significant breakthrough, whatever it is, we want to hear from you.

  • Accounts Payable / Accounts Receivable solution

    As the old adage goes, nothing is sold until it is paid for, and this award picks out the best solutions on both sides of the deal. Make your mark in this intensely competitive field by scooping this accolade.

  • Bank Connectivity

    Whether its via innovative use of APIs, SWIFT, host-to-host or e-banking, here’s your chance to let the world know how and why your bank connectivity is second to none.

  • Best Innovation Lab Solution

    You’ve seen the Innovation Lab; it’s about solutions that offer something new. This award tries to do the impossible by picking a winner…

  • Cash / Treasury Management System

    Automation, integration, simplification, centralisation, localisation, flexibility; whatever your drivers for success, the cash and treasury management system that demonstrates in abundance what its users want and need has the best chance of taking this coveted award.

  • Customer Experience

    If technology has a purpose it is surely to make carrying out a process ‘better than it was before’. If you have a story to tell about how technology has helped you do your job more efficiently and effectively let us know.

  • Emerging Player (launched within 24 months)

    Technology presents a fast-paced world for its participants and standing still is not an option. This award seeks out the latest players and ideas so regardless of functionality and target user, bring your efforts to the fore and tell us how you’re making the grade.

  • Mobile Technology Solution

    The pandemic has accelerated the need for accessibility, simplicity and security so we are looking for solutions that give treasurers the means to do new kinds of business on the move with confidence, both now and in the future.

  • Portal Technology

    Multi-banking platforms are for initiating transactions and monitoring and reporting activities from a single sign-in, so whether you’re operating cross-border or domestically, consolidating cash positions or trading FX, we’re seeking the solution that adds most value for treasurers. If that’s you, then this award is yours for the taking.

  • Risk Management Solution

    As the risks that treasury faces grow in intensity and complexity, so the role of technology in helping mitigate those risks increases. We’re looking for innovative responses that can help organisations carry on doing what they do with security and ease.

  • Solution Innovation

    Whether it’s a grand scheme involving multiple products and partners, or a seemingly simple technological response, this award will pick out the most inventive and effective answers to treasury problems. Expect a no-holds barred demonstration of ingenuity.

  • Trade Finance Solution

    Trade is what has kept the world turning for millennia, and funding solutions are an essential part of the process. As participants increasingly draw upon technology to speed up, secure and ease the workflow, we’re looking for solutions that surprise us while signalling the end of paper!

  • Best Community Engagement Project

  • Best Employee Engagement Initiative

  • Best ESG Liquidity Solution

  • Best Global Bank for CSR/ESG

  • Best Global Bank for Diversity & Inclusion

  • Best Treasury4Good Innovator (covering CSR/ESG/D&I)

  • Best Treasury4Good Technology Solution

    Have you taken your treasury paperless by embracing digital solutions? Or cut down on the department’s electricity consumption by using cloud computing instead of on-premise technology? Or perhaps you’ve introduced a portal to track CSR metrics and help with non-financial reporting? Whichever route you’ve chosen, this Award recognises treasury’s efforts to leverage technology as a CSR tool.

  • Outstanding Treasury4Good Leader (personal award)

    Is there someone in your treasury team who is a true CSR champion? Or someone in another company’s treasury who you’d like to nominate? This personal award recognises the efforts of those people who go the extra mile when it comes to CSR.

  • Treasury4Good Corporate Awards

    See Corporate Recognition Awards for full list

Showcasing CSR, ESG and D&I Initiatives

Dedicated to those corporate treasury teams, banks, and vendors truly making a difference to their organisation’s sustainable growth – and the world around them – the Treasury4Good Awards were the first Awards of their kind launched in our industry.

As the gatekeepers of company cash, corporate treasury professionals, together with the providers of treasury services, have a vital role to play in supporting CSR, ESG and D&I initiatives.

Together with driving bottom line improvements, global corporates and banks are now expected to be responsible role models – addressing local and international challenges by using their financial reach to improve lives, society, business, and the environment.

Nomination Deadline

Nominations closed on Monday 31 October 2022.
Late submissions will not be accepted.

Nomination Process & Guidelines

There are three ways to be considered for an Award in each category.

For more information around the process please download our Awards Guidelines.

Case Studies

All case studies that have been published in the past 12 months in TMI are automatically considered for an award and do not need to be resubmitted.


Any corporate treasury, consultancy, bank or technology vendor can nominate their own organisation for an award in the relevant category or categories.

Third Party Nomination

Any corporate treasury, consultancy, bank or technology vendor can nominate a third party organisation for an award in the relevant category or categories. For example, a bank, vendor or consultancy may nominate their customers while a corporate treasurer may nominate their banks, vendors or consultancies.


All information contained within each nomination will be treated as strictly confidential.

TMI Virtual Awards Night 2021

Huge congratulations to all of our 2021 winners!

We launched the TMI Awards over a decade ago and are still as delighted as ever to showcase innovation and best-in-class treasury practices from across the globe.

Discover the full list of winners and read more about the winning projects via the article links below.

Your 2021 Winners

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Award2021 Winner
Best Accounts Payable Solution – WINNERJabilRead More
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Best Cash Pooling Solution – HCCRRC HK Capital Management Co LtdRead More
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Award2021 Winner
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Award2021 Winner
Best Bank for Sustainable Supply Chain FinanceSociete GeneraleRead More
Best Community Engagement Project – WINNERHedge TrackersRead More
Best Employee Engagement ProjectStandard Chartered BankRead More
Best ESG Liquidity Innovation – WINNERJPM AMRead More
Best Global Bank for Diversity and InclusionCitiRead More
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Best Technology SolutionICDRead More
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Award2021 Winner
Accounts Payable & Receivable SolutionSerralaRead More
Bank ConnectivityFides Treasury ServicesRead More
Best Customer ExperienceStandard Chartered BankRead More
Best Innovation Lab Solution – WINNERFinLyncRead More
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Cash & Treasury Management SolutionFISRead More
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