C2FO is the world’s largest platform for working capital. We serve over one million businesses representing $10.5 trillion in annual sales across more than 180 countries. Our online platform connects more than $110 billion of daily accounts payable and accounts receivable. Whether you need working capital or have excess working capital, Name Your Rate™, and the C2FO platform will match your request in seconds. You can accelerate or extend AP or AR on demand, providing you, your customers and your suppliers greater control over cash flow. You can also utilize AR financing and other data-driven funding options. 

C2FO is working capital, working for everyone. Our mission is to deliver a future where every company in the world has the capital needed to grow.

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Latest News

C2FO Research Suggests More Businesses Facing New Challenges in Accessing Capital
Persistent inflation, supply chain weaknesses and concerns over the severity of interest rate hikes are pushing more business leaders to make difficult decisions to preserve the economic health of their companies, according to the worldwide 2022 Working Capital Survey from C2FO. While most respondents said they currently have the liquidity they need, the onset of…
C2FO Introduces the CashFlow+ Card
C2FO announces the launch of the C2FO CashFlow+™ Card, a new and innovative option that enables businesses to accelerate invoice payment without the discount typically required in exchange for early payment. The CashFlow+ Card puts critical working capital straight into the wallets of business owners, empowering them to put cash to work for their business…
SACE and C2FO Sign Partnership to Enhance International Trade for Small- to Mid-Sized Enterprises
Rome – SACE and C2FO have signed a cooperation agreement aimed at supporting the growth of Italian small- to mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) in international markets. By matching supply and demand on a global scale, this collaboration framework will advocate the tools and solutions that SACE makes available to improve Italian SMEs’ exports. To this end,…
C2FO Releases 2021 Working Capital Outlook Survey Findings
C2FO today released a new worldwide survey, which examines the working capital health of more than 6,700 leaders of small and mid-sized businesses (“SMBs”). The survey found alignment across the world when looking at SMBs in terms of access to liquidity, the cost of borrowing, and their outlooks for the future. C2FO’s 2021 Working Capital…
C2FO Chosen by Experian to Support its Suppliers
Experian has partnered with C2FO, the world’s leading online marketplace for working capital, to deliver the Experian Early Payment Programme. This programme, which is currently being rolled out, supports liquidity needs of Experian suppliers through the Coronavirus pandemic. The C2FO platform enables suppliers to view their outstanding invoices and offer a discount rate to accelerate…


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